Rina’s Garden Mullein Herbal Tea – 1 lb. Bulk

Another quality, bulk item brought to you exclusively by Rina’s Garden Creations.

Quick facts

  • One pound of mullein leaves, dried and cut.
  • Botanical name: Verbascum thapsus
  • Imported from Albania (Europe)
  • Many medicinal properties in this herb.
  • In use for over 2,000 years most commonly for coughs and pulmonary problems.

Top reviews


i originally purchased this product in an attempt to quit smoking by using this mullein and some lavender to help with my cravings to smoke. not only does is taste great as an herbal cigarette, the sender left a little card with instructions for how to make a delicious tea with her product! i was very happy with this service and how quickly the product arrived. Thank you!
EnochNisbet, PA