Ring Pop, Jewel Shaped Hard Candy Variety Pack, 40-Count

A jewel shaped hard candy on top of a plastic ring individually wrapped in a printed metalized fin sealed bag.

Quick facts

  • Jewel shaped candy on top of a plastic ring
  • Each individually wrapped
  • Wrapped in a printed sealed bag
  • Yummy and fun
  • Many flavors

Top reviews

I Do

This candy isn’t about taste, instead the experience young children can have with it. What young girl wouldn’t be into this gem? It’s one sweet ring, from someone quite special, sure to get at least one “I Do.”
DortheaTropic, UT

Brings back good memories

Brings back good memories. Plus, I periodically give one to my niece and she loves them too. I just chew them off with one bite because these are not designed for adults but still, good stuff.
PennieEllisville, MS


This product came sooner than was estimated and was exactly what I needed for my wedding reception.
MarnaTidewater, OR

A little disappointed.

There were only 38 ring pops in the container and most of them were broken. The lid was not secured on the container like you would find if sold in a store so the ring pops were rolling around loose in the box and broke. I would recommend finding a store that sells them rather than having them shipped.
AnnamarieHardy, IA

Ring Pops

I usually buy the ring pops in person whenever I can find them because the students they were for at school really enjoy them. Unfortunately when they arrived at least half were broken or damaged in some way. This is not something that happens when I buy them in person. The problem with that is they are not available in many places.
MarisHyde Park, UT

I Love Ring Pops!

I purchased these after an unfortunate experience in a retail store (rhymes with “Moys R Shmus”) where they not only didn’t have Ring Pops, but in their place were Spongebob Squarepants rings. And they were $2.50 EACH. Knowing how long they last (good for saving money and calories), and knowing how they keep my recurrent cough at bay, and how much fun they are, I purchased this 40-pack. I brought them to a concert where all my friends loved them. A great old-school candy at a great price. My one complaint is that the selection did not match what was advertised in the photo, although, in their defense, there is a legal disclaimer. And any Ring Pop is a good Ring Pop.
BrittniSugar Loaf, NY

Good buy .. Lotts of sugar

I bought these with the intentions to use these as a potty reward!!!, NO WAY !!! IF YOU HAVE THE SAME IDEA STOP !!!! These are good for older and adults!, I LOVE them… But I’d advise against it for children under 7

anyways the packing was perfect! None broken or missing! Great purchase and subscribe and save discount so I still have to give these a 4 STARS!!!

Just too much sugar for kids nowadays or just EVER!!!!!!!

SetsukoBoonville, NY

Excellent buy

These are very good quality and were shipped quickly. Great incentive for Grandchildren. They are a big hit with my granddaughter.
EuraMount Dora, NM

ring pops

came in a timely manner. i was pleased with the order. no further comments… no further comments… no further comments… no further comments
KathyClarksville, TN


I ordered these as party to place in a treasure chest party favor box. They worked out perfectly and were exactly what I expected they would be – ring pops! The kids loved them. PS- I know some people posed they were concerned about breakage during shipping but all of mine arrived unbroken.
OlindaToledo, WA

Great Product

We ordered these for a “Wedding Chapel” at a casino night event- they were a hit, none were broken and all were shipped quickly.
PamReynolds Station, KY

Ring Pops

The Ring Pops came in a container that looks like what was pictured, and each were individually wrapped as shown. The label was different, but that’s fine as there’s a disclaimer right above the product description about that.
My Ring Pops came in good condition; they weren’t in pieces and are as enjoyable as any other Ring Pop you may have had.

The flavors I got were cherry, watermelon, blue raspberry, strawberry, berry blast, and twisted blue raspberry watermelon. Yours may vary.

AlonzoWolford, VA