Rishi Tea Organic Golden Yunnan Loose Tea, 3.2-Ounce Tin

Robust, smooth and malty with a sweet caramel finish. USDA organic. Certified kosher. Certified Organic by QAI. Ancient Tree Teas are hand harvested in a wild, organic and shade grown environment. The old tea tree forests are rich with biodiversity, fertile soil and ecological balance not typically found in cultivated tea gardens. By choosing Fair Trade Certified Ancient Tree Teas you are directly supporting a better life for Yunnan’s ethic minority families through fair prices, direct trade, community development, education and environmental stewardship. The Dai, Lahu Bulang ethic minorities of Yunnan’s remote mountain villages have cultivated tea for more than 1300 years, harvesting it from heirloom tea trees planted by their ancestors in 696 AD. Rishi’s Ancient Tree Teas are produced exclusively by these peoples, whose economic well-being and cultural traditions are intertwined with the ancient trees.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 3 (total 10 oz)
  • Robust, smooth and malty Ancient Tree black tea with sweet-caramel finish
  • Harvested from trees planted in 696 AD; USDA-certified organic; Fair Trade- and kosher-certified
  • From remote mountain villages of ethnic minority families in China’s Yunnan province
  • Selected by Rishi buyers (no middlemen); packaged in Milwaukee, WI

Top reviews

Disappointed with this tea.

I am disappointed with this tea. I am used to Indian black tea such as Assam or Darjeeling.
This tea has no aroma and tastes pretty dull, nothing compared to the aroma and tastes you get from Indian tea. The quality of the product is great; good beautiful long leafs, but if you are used to Indian black tea then this would not give you the same experience.
JesseniaChappell, NE

I just don’t like this tea (and other teas packaged by Rishi)

I am sure that there are people who like Rishi Golden Yunnan tea, but I just don’t like it. To me it is a combination of some tea and hay. (it smells like hay) Other teas I tried, like Sencha Green Tea or Pu-erh Tuo Cha Tea are even worst. Out of four Rishi teas I tried only the Earl Grey Loose Tea is acceptable. As for Green Tea – I like the Japan Sencha Green tea packaged by the Coffee Bean Direct. Anyway, You will not know which tea you like until you tried them all.
CrystleNew Church, VA

Not so gold

The organic “golden” yunnan apears to be just a black yunnan. Do not waste your money!!
JohanneFingal, ND

Amazing tea!

I’m a long buyer of this tea and highly recommend the product for its taste! Worth every penny.
ViolaPort Mansfield, TX

Rishi Organic Golden Yunnan Loose Tea

This tea has become the staple in our house. The flavor is bold enough, but never bitter. It stands up well to double brewing. In fact, my husband drinks mostly the 1st brew, and I drink the 2nd brew, with less caffeine, but it tastes great. We have tried double brewing at least 5 other varieties of tea, but they don’t hold up- they come out flavorless and watery.

The other nice thing about this Yunnan variety tea, is that it tastes great black (husband’s preference) or with milk and honey (my preference).

I highly recommend this tea. It is our all around favorite for everyday (we don’t regularly drink coffee).

MyrtlePearcy, AR

Serious Tea

THis is a FINE tea. I also recommend highly their Keemun. I’ve other tea sources, that I enjoy for their highly elevated, fine qualities in flavor and all that is the tea experience for the very serious tea afficiando. BUt they are very expensive. This is comparable to Yunann teas that cost three times or more the price of this one.

The one thing I offer, you don’t need as much of the leaves as the purveyor recommends. Only about 1.5 tsp. is enough for a full, big 8 oz. cup to produce a marvelous tea, and steep only 2.5 minutes, precisely, not 3 or more minutes… that will produce a tannic tea that is loses the sweetness that is inherent in the tea brewed a short span. Then, sip and find heaven in a cup. And Yunnan is great for that feeling we all want, uplifting, invigorating, without the nervousness that might come from coffee. Though, must add, love my coffee! Yes, I’m a caffeine fiend, but it is legal!

MadisonEustis, NE

Good Tea

Ive been buying this tea for years. The best Yunnan Ive found and Ive tried a lot. Some twice the price. If you mail order it buy the pound from Rishi its really inexpensive. A great morning tea for me. Very full bodied rich and spicey.
CecilaProvencal, LA

high quality tea

I don’t usually put much stock in manufacturers’ product descriptions, but Rishi nails the description of this tea: “Robust, smooth and malty with sweet-caramel finish.” It’s not as malty or quite as full bodied as Assam, but is has a deeper, more complex flavor with a very distinctive candy-like sweetness, and just a hint of dryness/bitterness. I think I’ve heard that some Yunnan black teas taste peppery, but this doesn’t taste peppery to me.

Rishi says that this tea can be steeped multiple times. This is true, but unless you use a large amount of tea with a short first steeping, the second steeping tends to be much less flavorful and more bitter than the first. I prefer to use a little less tea with a longer steeping time, and just get one cup per batch of leaves.

SherwoodOutlook, WA

Best Malty Morning Tea, EVER!

If you love a full-bodied, malty tea in the morning (or anytime, actually) this is the finest I have found, and the company cares about sustainability. Also great iced. Do not brew too long (in my opinion, longer than 4 minutes) or it will get bitter, edgy, and herby.
WendiPencil Bluff, AR


This is a great tea. Gorgeous color and scent. (You’ll know you’re going to love it when you open the can and the aroma drifts out.) Don’t over-brew or it can be bitter, like all black teas. Just a couple of quick minutes produces a lovely amber liquid. Enjoy!
KeriForest Grove, OR

It is OK. I had better golden teas.

I used to love this teach much more but I notice decrease in quality lately. It is not bitter but is not as delicious as it used to be either.
StevenSouth Roxana, IL

Tastes like hay

I used to like this tea, and was subscribed to it, but over the years it got worse. The leaves are very black, not golden at all as the name suggests. It brews to dark brown, but tastes and smells like hay now.
I only drink Yunnan teas, so I know how it is supposed to taste, and the Rishi tea is nothing compared to even least grade Yunnan you can find.
FloraNorwood, MO