Ritrovo 6 yr. Balsamic Vinegar, 250 ml Decorative Bottle

This balsamic is what every home cook yearns for. Ritrovo has found an old world producer of traditional, high end balsamicos that has sped the process of aging from 25 years to 7 years by including grape must and using a regulated evaporation process. The result is a thicker, richer balsamic reminiscent of traditional 25 year balsamic for a fraction of the price. Mix with mild olive oils for salad dressings and meat marinades. Drizzle next to or top cheeses and salumi.

Quick facts

  • 6 year aged Italian balsamic vinegar

Top reviews

Bought for a gift

I bought this as a gift to my Uncle and Aunt who are amazing cooks. They were very happy to received it.
YoungTiro, OH

Good but……

Good thick Balsamic, but a little ‘contrived’ tasting. This one is more acidic than I was expecting from something like this. I also has a somewhat ‘cooked’ character. It’s not bad and we are enjoying it but for the same price get the Villa Manodori Balsamic Vinegar.
SheritaWashburn, TN

Maletti 6yr super tasty

Its a dense/thick aceto with a sweet taste.
It is very good, I recommend.
RogerLake City, CA

This Balsamic Vinegar is so delicious!!

It’s worth every penny and so delicious even on just tomatoes and great for dieting also to make food taste so fabulous!
CheryPeach Orchard, AR

Ritrovo Balsamic Vinegar – Delicious

This is a delicious, thick, sweet balsamic vinegar. I have been using it exclusively for a couple years. I first found it in a local gourmet shop for $32 and later found it at Whole Foods for $26 and then by chance, a manager’s special at Metropolitan Market for $17.99. I was about to order it from Amazon but see there isn’t that much of a price savings. I will keep looking because I love it; it’s so delicious. Sorry, Amazon, you usually beat prices elsewhere but not on this item. To be fair, it’s probably a dollar or two cheaper.
SadieLiebenthal, KS

Not exactly the item pictured.

The bottle in the picture shows the 12 year aged balsamic (notice the 12 Roman numerals around the neck label of the bottle). The one being sold here is the 6 year aged balsamic, as the text states.
GinoPacolet, SC

best balsamic

sweet, syrupy, tart — this vinegar can be used on everything from veggies to ice cream; it sits on my table with the himalayan salt and the lavender pepper. well worth every penny (or dollar). Amazon shipped it immediately and it arrived within a few days of ordering (and I only paid for regular shipping). Awesome!
ElfredaWurtsboro, NY

Expected better.

This is a pleasant balsamic, but only that. It has a pronounced flavor profile that begins enjoyably enough, but becomes reminiscent of molasses or burnt caramel. I wonder at the methods used to create it’s silkiness and body, especially given its youthful age. As another reviewer mentioned, it tastes cooked. It’s a decent balsamic, there are simply better choices available for the price.
SharynEdmond, WV

Great bargain

The Ritrovo balsamic (same vinegar, new name) is a thick, viscuous vinegar that finds a way to accomplish what no 6 year old vinegar should have any business doing- being on the same level as a fine 15-20 year aged balsamic. No shortcuts are taken, like adding figs for sweetness and thickening Don’t be thrown off by the price at first glance; for the quality here, you’re getting a tremendous bargain. It’s miles beyond the supermarket fodder and good enough to hold its own against all but the finest old balsamics.
GaleAvondale Estates, GA

Incredible value

Provided you aren’t a staunch traditionalist, this vinegar is astonishingly good, especially for the price. Maletti has figured out how to produce a 6 year-old vinegar with the density and concentration of much older, far more expensive fully traditional balsamics without resorting to obvious cheats like adding sweeteners and thickening agents. It’s pure and unadulterated; wonderful over bruschette caprese (our favorite), salads, beef, whatever. It’s affordable enough to experiment!
YajairaCoalfield, TN

Best vinegar I’ve ever tasted

This is a thick, utterly delicious balsamic vinegar with no caramel coloring or other artificial additives. I love it and find it positively addictive. It is by far the best vinegar I’ve tasted, and I’ve tried many different brands of balsamic. It is indeed worth every penny, as another reviewer noted. However, I’ve seen significantly better prices for this vinegar in at least two different brick-and-mortar stores.
KatherynSteelville, PA