Roasted Chestnuts from France – 14.8 oz. – 2 jars

Minerva Roasted Chestnuts are imported from France. Use these peeled and roasted chestnuts to prepare one of the regional dishes based on chestnuts: Ardeches salad, Corsican brilloli (chestnut polenta), or brisolee, a dish from Valais consisting of chestnuts roasted with cheese. They will also make a tasty addition to your Thanksgiving turkey stuffing. But be sure to buy enough: these chestnuts are so tasty that you will be tempted to eat them straight from the jar! 2 jars/Net Weight: 14.8 oz. each

Quick facts

  • Roasted Chestnuts from France
  • Peeled and roasted.
  • 2 jars/Net Weight: 14.8 oz. each

Top reviews


Served with brussel sprouts in a cream sauce at Thanksgiving. Received rave reviews from my guests.
OdiliaAngola, NY

For those who like chestnuts

I, myself, think chestnuts taste like dust and am not sure just what the allure is. I ordered these for my mom, who has been a chestnut lover for a good portion of her 84 years on this planet, and she liked them very much, so I guess they must be okay. Last year I purchased a different brand and these measured up. So for you chestnut afficionados, it’s a thumbs up.
EdythWinthrop, IA

If They’re Your Only Choice…

… jarred and vacuum-packed chestnuts may be close enough to the real thing to deceive your palate. The real thing is increasingly problematical in the USA, available only part of the year at best, often of poor quality, sometimes of such terrible quality that you’ll give up on chestnuts forever. And of course, even if you can get good chestnuts, they are hard work to prepare in sufficient quantity for many recipes. This offering, by the way, is shockingly expensive; the same or similar imported jarred chestnuts are sold in my local markets in SF for half this price or less.

One of my cage-mates in the amazoo requested this recipe:
Equal quantities of roasted chestnuts and fresh Brussels sprouts.
Roast and peel the chestnuts (or use these pale substitutes from the jar).
Steam the sprouts, but somewhat less than completely.
Braise the chestnuts and sprouts together in an ample amount of unsalted butter, with just a hint of garlic (not powder of course!), until the sprouts take a bit of brown color.
Serve hot.
Very well matched with a puree of potatoes and celery root, and roasted duck.

ArleneCarp Lake, MI

Best jarred chestnuts I’ve tried

I used chestnuts from a jar or can for the Thanksgiving stuffing every year because I don’t have the time to roast and peel. Other brands leave a lot of the hard black membranes on the nuts, so I still had to pick through them. Not this brand…they were very clean, fresh and made preparation that much easier.
KathleneMorris Chapel, TN


We ordered two jars of these cooked and peeled chestnuts. The vacuum was opened on one bottle and we tossed it out. The seal on the second jar was OK but the chestnuts were mealy. We tossed it out.

I think we should get our charges refunded.

HeleneLincoln, KS

Roasted Chestnuts but no taste

Roasted Chestnuts are a tradition with my family on Christmas day but this purchase of chestnuts was very disappointing due to the lack of flavor of the chestnuts themselves…no flavor even with using my chestnut roaster. The texture was perfect as well as the color but lacked taste in the mouth. Thank you.
ValMaljamar, NM

Quality Varies

Standard purchase this time of year – two large jars of roasted chestnuts. My husband makes the traditional English chestnut stuffing for Christmas dinner.

The best ones are the ones Wms. Sonoma sells but they sell out FAST. I first bought these in 2009 and they were pretty good. So just to make things easy I bought these again the next year and the quality was just not there;they were not at all fresh.

So depending on the seller, it is hit or miss. Best bet, buy early, and buy from the best.

AshlieBoles, AR

Fabulous Chestnuts

We have ordered these chestnuts many many times over quite a few years and they have always been fabulous. They are especially good in turkey stuffing, and also prepared with Brussele sprouts. We recommend them highly.
DoloresPowell, TX

saved our holiday dinner

My wife prepares a special dish of brussels sprouts and chestnuts in a casserole for Thanksgiving. Our local markets did not have the chestnuts this year so it was good to find these available on-line. They are fresh and tasty although certainly pricey compared to the usual local cost. Still, they arrived in time for our feast and the guests were well pleased.
VictorinaSuffield, CT

Great Chestnuts!

Absolutely delicious chestnuts. My Dad has tried other brands and these are his favorites by far. Mine too! Thanks!
ArielleHargill, TX

Thanksgiving treat

This beats roasting, and peeling. Tastes just as good as t’ere plucked from the tree.
With brussel sprouts, it will please the pickiest at the Thanksgiving table
It has nothing to do with puzzles
MattElko, NV