Robbie Dawg Cat Treats, Fish and Chips, 8 Ounces

Robbie Dawg Cat Treats, Fish and Chips, 4.5 Ounces (Pack of 8)

Quick facts

  • Organic Cat treats
  • Wheat, Corn & Soy Free
  • No Salt, Sugar, Preservatives, Powders, Flavors, By-Products
  • Fresh Organic Vegetables, Grains & Flours
  • Organic Cat Nip

Top reviews

EVERYONE runs away from these!

These Robbie Dawg snacks have been rejected to the extreme degree by every animal!

I bought them originally for a cat whose who loves Temptations snacks. Not only did she not touch these, but when one of these was in her Temptations snack dish, she wouldn’t even go near the bowl, as if this snack contaminated all in its vicinity.

I next tried it on an outdoors cat who lives in the neighborhood. Since he lives the life of a homeless scavenger, one wouldn’t expect him to be picky. Yet not even real hunger would make the bridge for him trying this.

All right, how about dogs then? While this was made for cats, my experience is that many dogs will bascially eat anything you hand them (gulp it down first, and ask questions later). Outcome….

My neighbor’s dog answer: No way. Next two dogs, same answer. One of those dogs I’ve known for over a decade and this is the very first time she has ever refused anything I’ve offered her. We left one of these treats on the dining room floor for the evening, and it statyed there all night, until we resigned and threw it in the trash.

Also tried it on a pair of rats. These two rats eat brown rice as part of their daily diet and one of them in particular has a liking for fish. Since those are two of the -alleged- ingredients in the product, I should have been hopeful for this match. But no, same answer from these two as everyone else.

Last, tossed some into the backyard, just in case any of the many birds out there might be hungry enough to give it a go. Well? I bet you can guess the outcome.

All that is left to check, I think, is whether even the ants outdoors give the same answer….

It is a major mystery what is going on here. One thing in my mind is that whatever is stated as the ingredients on the package does not correspond to what is in the product I received. That something went badly wrong at the plant, and it would be for lab analysis to actually determine what these little brown block things are actually composed of.

All I know for now is that there is a universal verdict from every animal in the jury: it is absolutely inedible.

ArdelleStillwater, NY