Robert Rothschild Farm Mushroom Marsala Sauce

A simmer of carrot, onion and celery, with the hearty and earthy flavor of roasted portabella mustrooms, gives a home made touch to this classic sauce. Create a classic dish in minutes by pouring over chicken breasts.

Quick facts

  • Earthy mushrooms are simmered with carrots, celery and onions to give a homemade touch to this classic sauce.
  • Sweet Marsala wine and a hint of butter offers a rich balance of flavors.
  • All Natural, Kosher

Top reviews

AAAAmazing! Most versatile sauce/marinade/dip ever

I cannot give this Marsala Sauce by Rothschild’s enough praise. It is so tasty you could eat it like a soup! This is simply the best sauce we have ever had. We gift it, eat it, microwave for dip, eggs, burgers, pasta, don’t get me started on caramelized onions and steak, obsess about it, etc. You will not be sorry. I know this seems like oversell, but…Man OH Man…It’s the stuff!! I hope they don’t stop making it. It would break my heart.
KeelyPonderosa, NM

e’ piu bella

This sauce is delicious, if a little sweet, but that is marsala. I had intentions of laboring over the stove all night simmering down a home cooked marsala sauce but after trying this, I won’t ever be doing that.
EliWest Willow, PA