Rodelle Vanilla Beans Two tubes with 5 Vanilla Beans in each

Rodelle Vanilla Beans Two tubes with 5 Vanilla Beans are lustrous, dark and supple and add a smooth, creamy flavor to your favorite recipes. Rodelle Beans are the perfect ingredient for recipes that demand big flavor with flecks of vanilla seeds for a gourmet look.

Quick facts

  • Rodelle Vanilla Beans Two tubes with 5 Vanilla Beans in each (total of 10 beans per order)
  • Great for making hot chocolate, crème brulee, and many other signature dishes

Top reviews

Best vanilla beans

I first purchased these vanilla beans from Costco during the holidays but I could never find them at any other time. I decided to look on Amazon and they have them for a great price. I love these beans because they are very plump and stay fresh for a long time. I ordered a different brand before I ordered these and they dried out after two or three months. These vanilla beans stay fresh for a year (I know because I used my last one a year from the first date I purchased them). The taste is wonderful and I use them in everything from buttermilk syrup to rice pudding.
AlisiaGarrett, PA

Rodelle Vanilla Beans

THE BEST vanilla beans on the market, they are fresh, plump and big not like in the ones sold in the supermarkets, 3 inch dried out overpriced beans. Great value for the money spent. I was buying them at Costco but now have to order them on-line??? The packaging says KIRKLAND, the Costco lable and as with anything Costco sells these vanilla beans did not disappoint. I hope to find them there again but ordering on-line was easy, I had the beans 2 days later…great job Amazon!!!
ArmandoNew Burnside, IL

Great beans at any price

These beans are a bargain and great quality. They may seem a little too moist to anyone used to grocery store beans, but they are just fresh and stay that way a very long time in those tubes.
DuncanGroveoak, AL


Arrived when they said they would and was what they said they were.First time I had used these and will again.
BarryPigeon Falls, WI


The beans arrived on time and so well packaged nothing could have gotten to those beans. Have them steeping in vodka making home made vanilla extract!
MinnaMira Loma, CA