Rods Assorted Hard Candy

Long and sleek, our rod-shape candies offer great variety with ten assorted flavors: tangerine, strawberry, pineapple, peppermint, apple, licorice, lemon, wild cherry, sour cherry, and butterscotch flavors. Enjoy this all American traditional hard candy. Sold per pound.

Quick facts

  • Assorted Rod Candies in 10 Flavors
  • Makes the perfect gift or as a treat for yourself
  • Each candy individually wrapped
  • Delicious flavor
  • Sold by the pound

Top reviews

Not Worth the Trouble

Although I did not go through Amazon for this company, I did order direct from them and found the service awful. First order was lost,2nd order had a wrong item and then no response to my e-mails about the error. Just not worth it. The actual product was fine, service terrible. Maybe going through Amazon would had afforded me better service.
CletusWhite Springs, FL

Simple and tasty hard candy

I recently wen to a news writing conference in Kentucky and the only snack they offered us, students, were Rod’s assorted Hard candy. Man, where they good! The were very tasty, full of flavor, and easy to eat. I’m from Hawaii and I took a whole bunch home. Now that I ate it all, I need more. Its sad to hear that the company discontinued to make this item, but I’m happy to at least find vendors who are still selling them. I can’t wait to get my hand on it!
AugustineLowell, OH

great candy but Peerless is out of business

Unfortunately for us, this great hard candy is now part of the past. Peerless ceased operations as of February 2007.
ShanonAtmore, AL