Rod’s Rub Original

Rod’s Rub Original All Purpose dry rub. Original is a low-sodium, all-natural, no MSG dry rub. It is low calorie and is a perfect balance of dark brown sugar, salt, garlic, paprika, spices and onion. I originally created Rod’s Rub Original for barbecue an

Quick facts

  • Used by professional chefs and backyard gurus.
  • All-natural, low-in-sodium, no MSG dry rub. This product is proudly made in America.
  • Original is a blend of garlic, sweet and mildly spicy. It is outstanding on potatoes, popcorn, pork, chicken, beef and fish. It is a great, all-purpose seasoning used for indoor and outdoor cooking.
  • Full flavor without the heavy salt. Net Wt. 5oz.
  • Low calorie dry rub and a great healthy alternative to frying, dressings, and sauces.

Top reviews

BBQ…. Enough Said!

I have tried many different rubs in competition for my BBQ and there is no match to Rods Rub. I put a very generous rub on before I cook it and then I sprinkle the rub on the pork right after it has been pulled. By the way. It is also great on Popcorn.
EdwardStacy, MN