Roland Artichoke Hearts

Roland Artichoke Hearts are a special variety, which ensures the tenderness, color, and quality required for a successful presentation They are the interior heart of the artichoke, which has a light yellow or green color They are available in different sizes

Quick facts

  • One 5.8-pounds can
  • Low calorie and cholesterol-free
  • Suitable for slicing and quartering
  • To be braised, sauteed, or baked; precooked
  • Kosher certified

Top reviews

Excellent Product

I have been consistently pleased with the quality of these artichoke hearts. They have great flavor and texture. These are awesome in pasta, soups, salads and of course, artichoke dip. My only complaint is the condition of several of the cans that have arrived. One should never consume product from a dented can and several of the cans I ordered arrived that way. I’m not talking a small side dent, I’m referring to a major dent that compromised the seal. A quick call to Amazon solved the problem. Better packaging and shipping via all those who handle this product before it reaches the consumer would be appreciated. Amazon…..return this product to the Subscribe and Save program!
KatyAvon, IN

Mushy hearts

Seemed like a great idea at first, but these hearts where mushy (overcooked) not good in salads, best in caserole or cooked dished.
TangelaBurns, WY