Roland Black Quinoa, Prewashed, 5 lbs. Bags

Roland Quinoa is from South America. Quinoa was the staple of the ancient Incas who called it “Mother Grain.”

Quick facts

  • A pack of two, 5-Pound
  • The flavor is delicate, almost bland, and blends well with other flavors
  • Part of a main dish, a side dish, in soups or salad
  • Provides a rich well balanced source of vital nutrients
  • It is a filling and interesting alternative to pasta

Top reviews

Good stuff but the regular white stuff is better

It seems that the difference between the black Quinoa (this product) and the regular (white?) quinoa is that the black still has the edible hull on it. Any quinoa is healthy and nutritious but I prefer the regular (white) version. The black quinoa is heavier in the stomach, more filling and does not pick up the taste of garlic or other seasonings or flavors added to it as well as the regular quinoa dies.

I suspect the black version has a lot more fiber than the white due to the hulls and as a result may prove to be the ultimate colon cleanse diet.

Either one seems to cause a lot of flatulence, though it generally seems to be a rather harmless, inert, odorless gas. You may find that you startle people around you as you backfire but you are not likely to injure or poison or overcome anyone with your pungent odors.

NanetteElmhurst, IL