Roland Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce, 7 Ounce

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Quick facts

  • Chipotle is a vine ripened red jalapeno pepper that has been smoked and completely dried
  • Peppers have a pleasant smoked aroma and delicious smoked flavor
  • It has a wrinkled, dark brown skin and a smoky sweet almost chocolaty flavor
  • Chipotles are generally added to stews and sauces
  • Kosher and gluten free with zero grams of trans fat

Top reviews

Fatal Flavor Flaw

Roland Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce have a strange and unpleasant, vaguely chemical taste that is hard to describe, slightly metallic, perhaps an artificial smoke flavor or dried spices. Roland doesn’t generally manufacture their own products but private-labels those from other manufacturers and I have to wonder who cans these.

Other brands that I have tried like San Marcos and Casa Fiesta are much better and cleaner tasting. My advice is to buy one of those brands or at least try one can before committing to a case of these if you haven’t tasted them.

Besides this fatal flavor flaw they are pretty much the same as any other chipotle in adobo, nice whole peppers swimming in sauce, smoky and addictive to people who like to eat hot peppers. They will squirt when you bite them so I usually cut them in half in the kitchen.

Bottom line, I have been using them in recipes where they lend heat and the flavor will be buried but I can’t eat them with chips or use them as a sauce on top of anything because of the flavor and I won’t be ordering them again.

TerrenceKandiyohi, MN

Roland has a little more heat than my usual brands.

As with all the Amazon subscribe and save items, it came on time and in good shape. It will take me awhile to use 24 cans, but I use chipotle in many ways and the cans will keep quite awhile. The peppers are a little hotter than the brand I usually buy. (We can’t get this brand here.) I don’t mind the heat. I just use a little less. The price is about 20% lower than I usually pay.
WyattElmore, MN

Smokey fire in a can

I love all things hot and Chipotle peppers are on the top of my list. I usually buy pounds of dried Chipotles during the Hatch, New Mexico Chile Festival. The heat of Chipotles are not overbearing (they are, after all, smoked Jalapenos) but the taste is warm and full of flavor.

I had been buying the La Costena Chipotle Adobo Sauce and liked them fine. I recently tried the Roland brand and found them to be even better. The sauce seems richer and the peppers hotter.

I often chop these up and mix them into ground beef for Chipotle burgers or, if I include to Adobo sauce, I can make Chipotle meatloaf with it. I keep several cans of both this and the Roland Chipotle paste on hand and I use them often. They taste great to me!

BarberaCarter Lake, IA