Roland Coconut Milk, Classic, 14 Ounce

Our mission is to be the leader in importing and marketing superior quality specialty foods under our Roland brand and other brands, and to perform in all areas of our organization at levels that exceed the expectations of our customers. We strive to foster an open culture of integrity, respect and pride. We work each and every day to achieve the highest standards and employ the best principles, technologies and personnel. For 79 years Roland Foods has provided customers with exceptional gourmet food. Our dedication to providing quality and consistency has made us a leader amongst specialty food importers and suppliers. We are eager to share our years of culinary expertise, and our wide assortment of quality specialty foods. This item is suitable for use by restaurants, professional chefs or industrial foodservice facilities.

Quick facts

  • Coconut milk is made by passing coconut meat through a grater and then squeezing it to remove the milky fluid
  • The milk is smooth and thick with an unassuming, slightly sweet flavor
  • Coconut milk may be used as is out of the can as an ingredient
  • If cooking is required, coconut milk should be cooked with slow heat and should not be scorched
  • Kosher with zero grams of trans fat

Top reviews

A Great Value Compared To Health Food Stores!

I like this product mixed with goats milk, almonds, blueberries,and gluten free cereal. Be prepared to scoup it out of the can and mix in a container for refrigeration. Yes, some cans arrive dented, I use these first.
NievesLennon, MI

Not the best quality

My family drinks a lot of coconut milk (about a can a day) and we have tried almost every brand out there. This one tastes OK, but contains more preservatives than any other we have tried. Unfortunately the ingredients are not listed here so I wasn’t able to find that out until after my case arrived.

For the price this Roland brand isn’t a bad deal but I would recommend Chaokoh or Natural Value Coconut Milk, 14-Ounce Containers (Pack of 12) over this one. Natural Value has no fillers or preservatives and tastes great which means it is perfect for making healthy coconut yogurt with the Salton YM9 1-Quart Yogurt Maker. If you haven’t tried making coconut yogurt yet I highly recommend it!

A lot of people are still under the impression that Coconut milk is bad for you. There was some faulty research done years ago on hydrogenated coconut oil which is mostly to blame for this. If you are one of those people that still think coconut is bad I recommend reading The Good Fat Cookbook to help set the record straight.

KishaMelvin, KY

Good Price, Great Taste, Too many Ingredients

I ordered this thinking it was just coconut milk, but there are a few other ingredients in there as well. Next time I will pay more for the organic version, which reviewers have said has less added “stuff.” But for the price you get a great tasting coconut milk that makes delicious ice cream. If you don’t mind the extra “stuff” this is 5 stars.
VioletRobbins, IL

Easy ordering, decent product

My wife and daughters use coconut milk in their cooking. I like to eat what they cook, so I make sure they have what they need.

Our local market sometimes has coconut milk. When they do, they sometimes have a good price, but often charge a premium.

Buying from Amazon is quick and easy. The product quality is good enough for me, the price is often less than my local market, but the ease of ordering is what wins me over.

If you need Coconut Milk, and want an easy way to buy it, give this product from Amazon a try.

GeneviveGrimes, IA

bad in general

I’ve tried dozens of brands, not many organic actually, regardless this is some of the worst quality coconut milk i’ve ever had. the sharp coconut flavor is just not there. doesn’t make creamy curries, little chunks form in it that are NOT coconut meat. its cheap! theres that! But i’ve used it every which way ice cream, milk shakes, frying, raw and its always got a funny after-taste. the consistency of it is just not coconut milk. if you like mae ploy, thai kitchen, or chaokoh you will not like this. its about on par with a few “lite” coconut milks i’ve tried.
LoreleiTeaberry, KY

In spite of…..

In spite of the fact that there are some ten syllable words in along with this coconut milk, and in spite of the fact that one can equals 650 calories(!), it is the least expensive way to go for coconut milk, if you have Amazon Prime. The application I plan to use it for mostly is some ice cream. I’ve only made one batch so far, but I feel like I’ve died and went to heaven after eating the Strawberry/Vanilla/Coconut ice cream I made with this stuff yesterday, and I probably will die and hopefully go to heaven because there must be at least a million calories per serving, but what do they say about everything in moderation:~) I just substituted the coconut milk for the regular milk called for in the recipe and let me tell you……THIS IS THE RICHEST AND CREAMIEST ICE CREAM I’VE EVER TRIED!, it is sooooo silky, not a trace of ice crystals to be found anywhere, and the coconut flavor does come through. For a once in a while indulgence, use your favorite Vanilla ice cream recipe and use this stuff instead of the regular milk and……. knock, knock, knocking on heaven’s door…….. I also plan on baking up some Coconut Milk bread here shortly, will get back with comments when I do.

P.S. At least half of the 24 cans came dented, so much so, that I dare not even chance using them, but I went to fill out an exchange form and found a link where I could get live phone help with this problem. I filled in my phone number, I clicked the link, and I swear to god, I got a return call in under 10 seconds!!! And….. they are sending replacement cans by two day UPS, what great service!

GoldieChapel Hill, NC


Not a fan! We drink A LOT of canned coconut milk. This first off, has other ingredients then just the normal coconut, water and guar gum. It has mystery things… not a fan. Second, the stuff never mixes together at room temp. It has floating hard chunks in it. The fat never really melts in with it. It’s drinkable, and works well in soups and stuff, but really, not worth it.
AliceFelda, FL

good product at good price

I’m a baker and I use this brand of coconut milk all the time. I like it as much as the more expensive Chaokoh brand. Coconut milk prices have been rising over the past couple of years, and this is one of the best prices I have found. My only issue with my experience ordering it from Amazon was that my case of cans seemed to have been sitting around in a warehouse for quite some time–all the milk was completely separated, leaving a thick pasty mass at the bottom of each can and a translucent water. Shaking the cans was impossible; I had to open up the cans, scrape out the contents and do my best to whisk it all back together (which works for the most part, but it’s impossible to get it completely lump-free). I realize coconut milk needs to be shaken before use, but I’ve never experienced settling to this degree. Looks like Amazon probably doesn’t have a huge turnover rate for this product, so the cases sit around too long and the milk separates. For this reason I deduct one star. Otherwise this is a good product at a decent price.
EstellaKansas, OH

The best coconut milk I have tried.

I have used many different brands of coconut milk for cooking. This one is very thick and flavorful. I use it in many desserts and hot cereals.
BelenDelano, PA

Dented Cans & Preservatives

Despite dented cans and preservatives, this is a decent buy. Connect with Customer Service regarding the dented cans and you can work something out. Growing up in a household with some family members having milk allergies, coconut milk was always around. Cinnamon Raisin Oatmeal with coconut milk was heavenly growing up as was my Grandmother’s coconut “ice cream”. As I strive to eat healthier this was an alternative BUT the pesky preservatives didn’t get me there with this one.

I enjoy this anyway and would buy it again 🙂

TuanCarbondale, OH

Not the product I wanted

Product description is not complete and clear. I ordered the wrong product. However, Amazon customer service is excellent and I got my refund after a phone call.
EnaSpangle, WA

Even so, I love it.

Given that I’m allergic to cow’s milk, almond milk, rice milk AND soy, I was deliriously happy to find this product at a local warehouse store. That is when I learned to use it as coffee creamer, to make wonderful mashed potatoes and a divine whipped cream substitute. (Any day now I’m going to make the ice cream.) When the warehouse store ran out, I had to ration mine until I found that Amazon (amazing me yet again) had it on its subscription plan and I signed up pronto.

Yes, lots of additives, but won’t break the bank. One thing at a time… I’m also paying for a pantry full of gluten free baking products (which at Amazon’s bulk + subscription prices makes it relatively easy).

PS: Amazon sent me the wrong product with my first shipment, I received the low fat version of this item. I connected with them via Chat, and two days later I received the correct product. I wish I could do all my grocery shopping this way.

DelilaColorado City, AZ

High value!

Despite having additives which are perfectly safe unless you are allergic to sulfites, this product has by far the most coconut content of any Super Saver Shipping bulk coconut milk. It is nearly double the calories per can of other brands, meaning there’s more coconut in it. I have not yet tried it but when I do I’ll have to use half a can a time rather than the whole thing! Given that it’s also the cheapest per can, the value here is extreme.
SharilynIrondale, OH


It’s gotten very difficult to find kosher coconut milk, so I bought a case of this. My neighbors are thrilled – I’ve unintentionally become the source for kosher coconut milk.
DustinTioga, PA

It’s a good price what the product that you get.

The milk is pretty thick. Anyway, I use this to make a lot of things from pancakes, oatmeal, smoothies, etc. Basically you can use it as a milk substitute and it’s great because it just adds a unique flavor to your everyday cooking.
VitoEastchester, NY