Roland Cream of Coconut, 15 Ounce

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Quick facts

  • Cream of Coconut is a smooth, thick liquid made from coconut
  • It has a slightly off white color and a sweet, coconut flavor
  • Its consistency is such that it can be spooned or poured
  • Cream of Coconut is best used at room temperature
  • It mixes well with cold beverages or can be used in hot or heated dishes

Top reviews

The best CREAM of coconut I’ve found

I use coconut cream in Asian cooking – it adds a wonderful flavor to curries, Thai food and coconut rice. Most of the products I’ve tried here in the USA are coconut milk or thinner, too-sweet versions of the cream of coconut.

Roland brand has gotten it just right! It is very thick and creamy, and has a nice coconut flavor without too much sugar. The opened can stays fresh in the fridge for several weeks, and the cost per can (about $2 for a 15 oz. can) with free SuperSaver Shipping is a good value.

I keep this product on my pantry shelves all the time – it will last several years if unopened.

AlineBlue Island, IL

Cheap price, mediocre quality

I live in a small town and can find coconut cream and coconut milk, but I can’t find cream of coconut in town. I have to order it online…I need it for a coconut cream cake I make. I chose this product, because it was the cheapest price and was available with Amazon Prime. The cans arrived and most all of them were dented and labels were falling off the can. The quality didn’t seem great, but the product worked just fine and cake was fantastic. I think next time I will pay more, just to try a better quality. I feel like for how cheap it was, the quality was equal to the price. I don’t cook with this very often, so I would rather have better quality cans for storage.
VelvaParma, MI


I was really disappointed when I received my order. This cream of coconut has a huge amount of sugar in it. This is one of the frustrating things about ordering food items from Amazon – you can’t always look at the ingredients before buying. I ordered this because I don’t eat sugar or grains, and coconut cream is useful in making a lot of paleo food items. But I can’t eat it because it has so much added sugar! An expensive mistake.
JoleneOtter Creek, ME

Dented cans!

Every can was dented, some to the point that a can opened wouldn’t open the can. I filed a complaint with Amazon and they sent out a replacement very quickly. The replacement was much better with only a few dents. The packing for the 1st case was in a box that was too long for the product. The plastic packing balloons that Amazon use were all deflated except for 1-2. In the 2nd shipment the box was the same size; most of the packing balloons were full of air. I’m not sure that would have made that much of a difference. This is my first negative experience with Amazon (the replacement made it better.) I’m not sure I would order this product again.
PrudenceHanna City, IL

Like syrup-way to sweet. Buy Coco Lopez

I purchased this thinking it was a better deal than the Coco Lopez, which was excellent with just a little bit added to my strawberry protein shakes. As another customer mentioned this is just like syrup. I keep it in the refrigerator and it stays that way, no separation of any true coconut fat (which would have been fine with me as that is where the true coconut flavor is). So now I am stuck with 24 cans of this. Next time I will spend the extra money and get a much better product!!
DionnaGardena, CA


! think I just ruined my dish. open this and poured it in. some past stuck to the lid, I thought I hadn’t shook enough, almost all the rest was syrupy liquid with a little more, not much, past on the bottom. I tasted what was dripping from the can– what the hell!!! It was like corn syrup!!
Don’t buy this stuff!
MaeganRockford, TN

it’s what I was hoping for..taste great

The order came on time and was what I was hoping for. It’s thick and flavorful. My coconut rice came out perfect and I’m looking forward to making mixed drinks for friends with it as well. All and all it will certainly be a staple in my kitchen.
WesleyStanford, MT