Roland Israeli Couscous, Whole Wheat, 21.16 Ounce

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Quick facts

  • Whole wheat Israeli couscous is a pasta-like product that is pellet-shaped and larger than traditional couscous
  • Each pearl is coated with wheat flour and toasted over an open flame to seal in its unique texture
  • Mild, nutty flavor makes it a versatile item to use as a side dish or in salads
  • Add to boiling water and simmer for 8-10 minutes
  • Product of Israel

Top reviews

A great whole grain alternative

This is a hard-to-find couscous in a whole grain form, cannot find it in stores anywhere. It is larger than regular couscous that is like pastina. Can be eaten alone or mixed into rices, soups, etc…has 2 grams of fiber per 1/3 cup dry.
GlendaNorth Pomfret, VT

Strange taste

I was so excited when I found Whole Wheat Israeli Couscous on Amazon. Normally, I buy the regular Israeli Couscous from Trader Joe’s, but only made it infrequently because I don’t like to eat white wheat. I purchased this and made it the exact way I have always made it.
But as soon as I opened up the container, I noticed a really funny smell. Almost like stale crackers. I assumed it was because I wasn’t used to the Whole Wheat kind, so I went ahead and cooked it.
It still had this odd taste and smell. I don’t believe it was because it was Whole Wheat because we only eat Whole Wheat pasta, bread and brown rice.
My husband thought it was “OK” and was willing to eat more, but I thought it was inedible and returned it. I’m so bummed out because I really wanted to like it. If it was a stale batch, its too bad because its too expensive to risk buying another container.
The only product I’ve ever bought from Amazon that I’ve beeen really disappointed with. Maybe because my expectations were so high?
CarinElko, SC

stale, disappointing

I was so happy to see Israeli Couscous available here, but when I got it, it was stale. I tried to cook some anyway to see if it was just a strong wheat smell throwing me off. Nope, it really was stale–disappointing. Because it’s whole wheat, it can go bad quicker than other similar products. I hope this is offered again when they find a way to refirgerate/freeze it before it ships so that it doesn’t get stale. Also, the manufacturer probably needs to add an expiration date to the packaging so that warehouses know when to get rid of it.
RosieHepzibah, WV

Kids love it…tastes like WHOLE WHEAT pasta

Some of the other reviews I recalled reading said it didnt taste right or tasted stale….My kids loved it and Iwas happy to find a whole wheat alternative to pearl cous cous which my kids 4,4,7) all adore. I was worried due to the reviews, but it tastes fine. Try any other whole wheat pastas and they frankly, don’t taste the same and you shouldnt expect this too either. Once you adjust your palette and your family’s) they will happily eat enjoy it! Big hit in my housedold. I worried taht they woudl wonder why it was brown and be a little skeptical, but all three scarfed it up! Enjoy.
TandraAbington, MA

As Stale As This Review

I should have heeded the other reviewers who noted that this product was stale on arrival. Same thing happened to me. Amazon was quick to remedy the problem, as it always is.

But, stay away from this product. The package had no expiration date so there is no telling how old it is. And whole wheat products tend to go stale more quickly.

SuSanatorium, MS

Old Musty Taste

The couscous both smelled, then tasted horribly of old & musty grain. It was terrible. What a waste now that I have to toss 2 entire jars. Honest to goodness it smelled & tasted like it was pulled from a trash can. What a disappointment. I must have been crazy to even try to cook it after the overwhelming smell after opening. :/
EveretteCeres, CA

A Winner From Israel

This product is strictly whole wheat and very nutritious. Eaten once a week, it really builds you up.
Boil it in chicken broth, and add a little butter and a little lemon pepper, and you have a delicate
dish which is unbeatable. Here’s to your health.
MarylinMontgomery, PA


Don’t buy this product. I read the reviews that said the product was stale and they all appeared to be old reviews. The problem appeared to be fixed in the most recent reviews and I didn’t believe they could sell a bad product for an extended period on Amazon and get away with it. I was wrong. The couscous tastes rancid – if it’s not stale it certainly is not appetizing.
HortensiaKamas, UT

A Great Alternative

Looking for an alternative to pasta and/or rice? This whole wheat couscous is great, easy to make, and very, very healthy. Unlike the couscous in many supermarkets, the grains are a bit larger and round. Anyhow, the plastic jars keep the couscous nicely.
FloWashingtonville, PA