Roland Italian Farro, Pearled, 17.6 Ounce

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Quick facts

  • Pack of 3, 17.6-ounce
  • Otherwise known as emmer wheat
  • Farro, a grain, is an unhybridized form of wheat that has a firm, chewy texture
  • Cleaned and pearl shaped, farro is the first grain made from wheat, and dates back to the ancient Egyptians
  • Add Farro to a pot of boiling water and cook until desired doneness is reached, drain and serve
  • Zero grams of trans fat
  • Product of Italy

Top reviews


I had farro at a gourmet restaurant in Chicago. It was sooooo good, I ordered some. It is different; tasty, chewy, delicious. Highly recommend this.
GusSneads Ferry, NC


We heard about this grain while watching a vegetarian cook show. It was not to be found in our area, so we bought it online. It is delicious and healthy and fun to use. I like this product a lot and will buy it again.
LucinaSpring Mills, PA

Roland Foods Pearled Farro

Roland Foods pearled farro is quick cooking, versatile, and delicious. I made a salad with farro, sun dried tomatoes, green onions, feta, olives, and olive oil. Healthy and yummy. I am a big fan of Roland Foods, good quality, great go to pantry items, and hard to find items. I also love their capers, mustards, and vinegars (especially the Bruno red wine vinegar).
LessiePlum City, WI


In an effort to eat more whole, healthy foods my husband and I have been trying new whole grains. This one is such a winner!! It has an incredibly satisfying chew and cooks quite quickly (20 mins). It is perfect for risotto or as an alternative to rice. Great flavor and texture (and price!), I will order this again.
FrankieDavison, MI

This is good stuff!

I heard about farro and have been searching for it in the grocery stores. Unable to find it I resorted to the internet. This product was represented accurately and shipped promptly. I cooked it in chicken broth and then sauteed it with onion and garlic. Very yummy! Only problem I have with the packaging is that it has the recipe for a farro salad but not instructions on how to cook it plain. Use the 2-1 recipe like rice – 2 cups water to 1 cup farro.
MarielaCambridge City, IN

Farro is the new Broccoli!

This easy to cook farro grain is chewy and delicious – tastes more like pasta than a grain. Some farro requires pre-soaking and a long cooking time. This Roland Farro Semipearled from Italy is easy to cook. I love to cook it (much like one would cook rice) and when its cool, mix it with chopped cucumber, chopped tomatoes, chopped red onions, a tiny bit of olive oil and some balsamic vinegar. Had a farro salad side dish at a popular chain Italian restaurant and just had to try it at home. I found that farro is difficult to find (seems it’s only available at local Italian specialty stores right now) but Amazon offered it at a lower price than anyone else online so that was my choice. Some sites interchange farro with barley – they are NOT the same. I don’t like cooked grains (barley, etc.) but farro is special. This grain is delicious and super good for you, too.
BertaPortland, OR

If you haven’t tried farro, you are in for a treat

Farro is a great product, but usually a little hard to find. Amazon is a great source. Try with just a little chicken stock. WOW!
FreddaHathaway Pines, CA

Ancient Grain Wins High Scores

I’d been reading about farro and spelt for some time – couldn’t locate it around my area. I’m an adventurous cook and, based on recipes I’ve seen, decided I would try it. Wow! It’s really delicious and easy to prepare. It makes a wonderful risotto. The farro has a wonderful, nutty flavor and robust texture. This product is semi-pearled which makes it easier to prepare – faster cooking. I’ve almost used up the first bag. I’m planning on using it for a whole grain salad recipe I’ve found.

I’m so pleased that Amazon’s marketplace offers the opportunity to purchase products otherwise unavailable outside large urban areas. Thanks!

WavaHastings, FL

love the product, love the price

Love the product, love the price. As another reviewer said, there are no basic instructions on the package. This is not a problem for me, as a person with near-constant internet access. I mostly cook from recipes off the internet anyway. I am glad I did the 6-month subscription, too. The price is unbelievable (comparable to what it was when Costco carried farro) compared with our local grocery stores.
ReneOglesby, TX

Worst Farro I have tried

As a happy consumer of Earth Grains Faro, I was disappointed to find Amazon out of stock–and ordered the Roland brand instead. Where the Earth Grains brand is tender, with separate grains, good texture and a mild, wheaty flavour-the Roland brand is tough, gritty and altogether unpleasant.
OlindaPaulding, MS

Roland Farro

When the product arrived, two of the three bags had holes in them, so much farro had spilled out. We have ordered this product once before without such a problem.
ReneTillman, SC

Roland Farro Semipearled

I only discovered this grain about two years ago and that is odd since I like Italian food, travel in Italy, have Italian friends, etc., etc. This grain is not readily available in my local markets, including two health food stores I checked. Farro makes a delicious salad and is a good hot side instead of using rice or pasta. I recently served it with Marinara sauce and meatballs. It can also be used for a risotto-like dish. I also used it in a chicken/vegetable soup instead of pasta. Highly recommended!
NathanLumberton, NC

Farro review

Outstanding product. Many don’t know about farro but it tastes great and is a power health food. Great quality. Lots of ways to use it.
SadieBronson, KS

Always Excellent

I’ve ordered this farro from Amazon any number of time as it’s cheaper-but-equal-in-quality to locally available product. Always superbly lives up to its role in my recipes.
JohnnyHuron, CA


I completely fell in love with farro. Its great with mushrooms, and also with berries for breakfast. Its much more substantial than rice, and very healthy.
YolandaBushnell, NE