Roland Kalamata Olves, Pitted, 5LB

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Quick facts

  • Kalamata olives have been pitted for convenience and are robust in flavor
  • Make a delicious addition to any meal, salad or snack
  • Bagged olives are a new innovation for packaged olives and you will enjoy the ease of use
  • Gluten free with zero grams of trans fat
  • Product of Greece

Top reviews


These come in a large plastic bag which is double bagged. There is minimal olive oil brine and the tasty small to medium sized brown and black olives are pitted. If you are a fan of Kalamata olives you will be in heaven. They are so good I even started eating them as a snack by themselves. I’ll just have to go w/o salt the rest of the week.Yum!
MadelaineStrasburg, CO

Couldn’t live happily without

I started to entitled this review “Couldn’t live without,” but then decided that I could, in fact, live without my subscription of these Kalamata olives, just not as contentedly. Unlike a previous reviewer, I rarely find a mushy one, and the mushiness quotient is certainly similar to what one finds in jars from the grocery. e.g., once in a while, a few, not too many. As for serving them to guests, of course you can. These are tasty, chemical-free, aesthetically proper olives.
SamathaRowan, IA

Tasty pitted olives

This is a good buy. The olives are tasty and most are in good condition.

We eat a lot of olives and keep a jar in our kitchen all the time. To prepare these olives: 1. drain the liquid in which they are shipped. 2. Pierce a 1 or 2 small jalapeno or Serrano peppers in a clean quart jar 3. Add olives to almost the top of the jar. 4. Fill the jar with olive oil. 5. Cover with the lid and keep out of direct sunlight and store on your counter top. Do NOT refrigerate.

These will keep for months. The taste is quite good with just a touch of heat from the peppers. Small jars of olives prepared this way make excellent hostess gifts. After the olives have been consumed, I strain the remaining olive oil and use it for cooking. The taste of the olive oil flavored with the peppers adds another layer of flavoring to most dishes. The olive oil is also great for dipping.

CliftonZavalla, TX


Nicely packaged. Plenty of olives but they are very mushy. Ok to cook with but you can not serve them straight out of the refrigerator to guests.
RenettaKanawha, IA

Olives good, packaging not!

I ordered the black tubs of olives in the past from Roland, glad I still had an empty left to put my new ones in. The bag doesn’t travel well! The olives in the bag were almost all misshapened, flat, some even squished. I transferred all to my jug and there was enough liquid in the shipped bag to cover my new olives, thankfully, but I added some olive oil just to make sure. The new batch of olives are tasty but much softer than my previous order. I realize different crops and all that, but these new ones are more palish purple than the deep purple black ones I usually get. I may have to try another brand or type of olive because of this “bag” problem.
MichaeleGoodrich, TX

Not Good

Product is definitely inferior to what I am used to. Mushy and surprisingly little taste. I can get a much better product at my chain grocery (and for about the same price).
ChaunceySearles, MN

I was nervous about pitted olives

I have this notion that olives with their pits removed don’t last as long as those still intact. I was nervous about buying a sack of pitted olives – who knows how long they’ve been sitting around getting squished and squishy? But these olives are delicious – it’s like eating candy!
MinervaUdell, IA

Tasty and reasonably priced

These olives arrived very quickly. The price is very good considering the $7/8 per pound spent on olives at grocery olive bars. You can save even more if you sign up for Amazons auto-order for this item. The olives have a good flavor. Occasionally there is a mushy one in the mix but overall a great.
TamDryden, MI

Glad we tried these despite the large package

We love black olives, no not the kind that come in the can. These are so convenient pitted, we use in salads & cooking all the time and best of all they taste great. Was concerned because it’s just the two of us, however after we opened the package and put some in a large, wide mouth jar, we put some in a tupperware and rest in our FoodSaver bags. Purchased this almost 9 months ago and we’re down to about 1/3rd of the package left part in Foodsaver bag & part in jar. Have not lost any flavor or quality – would buy these again.
BerryVictoria, MN