Roland Lingonberries, 14.3 oz

Lingonberry Jam Roland Lingonberries have a delicious flavor, combining sweetness and tartness. They have ripened in the intense summer of northern Sweden, where the summer sun never sets. Serve from the jar with meat, game, and poultry. Use as an ice cream topping, on pancakes, rolls or toast or mi

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I purchased 2 jars of this jelly after seeing this berry on the Dr. Oz show, my husband and i loved the taste and used it on toast put it in our cottage cheese etc. We finished the first jar and started on the second jar when I started having swelling in my hands and then hives broke out over my entire body, I went to the doctor and he put me on prednisone but the hives kept coming I also went to a natural path tech and they discovered that there was a pesticide in the jelly that I was extremely allergic too. Word of warning if you have sensitive to any food allergies or allergies period I would not recommend trying this product, I am on week two after I have stopped eating it and it is still trying to rid my body. It was so bad I had pains in my chest and with heart problems in my family I went to the ER just last week thank goodness it wasn’t my heart however it might be my gallbladder? I have never wrote a review on anything before but I also have never had a food reaction like this before so i wanted to pass this on to prevent anyone from going through what I did.
ReaganMeridian, MS

Berries, Berries Make Me Merry

Yum, yum. I discovered these berries while stationed in Europe and fell in love. I searched the web for these little jewels from Sweden but couldn’t find them until I went on Amazon. The price was a little higher than I paid in the Commissary, but worth every penny. If you like a little less sweet preserves and jams,this is the choice for you. I use them on everything from pancakes and oatmeal to glaze for ham (I’ll be using them this Thanksgiving). Shipping was fast and reasonable.
CandraNeligh, NE

DR Oz, “New SUPER 2x FOOD FROM Dr OZ SHOW 10/2011!”

ON DR OZ show IN Oct 2011 Announced these SUPER SUPER Berries as new SUper FOOD DISCOVERED!

FOR ITS proven Antioxident Properties , possibly cancer fighting plus more

He said compared to Blueberries : The LIGONBERRY TOPS the Blueberry!

Dr Oz Had a Guest TRAINER/Nutrition Expert on too that said OAtmeal can be eaten raw Uncooked in smoothies or protein shakes for added good fiber without heat losing nutrition values

SO I CREATED My OWN Breakfast “SUPER YOGURT TREAT” , Its So Nutritious and Filling, PACKED FULL OF tasty stuff U will Be So FULL ! You Never eat a Boring egg again LOL

You can eat this anytime but I love it as Breakfast or LUNCH or even early evening snack if you r really hungry , eat No later than 7pm always

Here we Go ” DONNA D’s Super Yogurt Treat”

Take 8 OZ. of PLAIN Non Fat Yogurt or lo fat(Greek My Fav):

IN a BOWL MIX Together the following : 1 cup Plain Non-fat Yogurt Along , 1/4 Cup Raw Oatmeal , handful of chopped
crushed Walnuts OR Raw Almonds, add 3 Chopped Prunes , add handful of Flaxseeds, dash Cinnamon , add 1/2 shredded Apple w/ skin or chopped well, Add 1/2 shredded Raw Carrot, Add 2 Tablespoons of Ligoneberries, Add 1/4 cup raw blueberries , add 1 Scoop of Vanilla Designer Whey Protein shake mix (this adds 23grsm Protein= to 3 eggs!,) Add small amount of Almond or Soy Milk to wet the mix , stir very WELL. ENJOY! To make sweeter u can add a splenda or teaspoon real sugar, depends of your view of course

TIP MAke SURE ALL fruits and vege are Cold as Possible from Fridge. VERY VERY FILLING.
Here is the Nutrition SURPRISE!

This “Super Yogurt” I CALL IT, Will Give You 7 Sources of Raw Fiber! 4 Fruit servings! 1 VEGE serving, Also Gives U Protein Over 23 GRAMS, 1 Dairy, 3 Whole grain servings.(nuts, flaxseed and oatmeal)

Also Yields 2 or more Anitoxidant souces, Flaxseed Properties, Yogurt Gives good Bacterias, . 7 Fibers, Unbelievable! Its all whole RAW FIBER

If U like this, (a TIP, 4 Better Health) Always SOAK ANY Dried fruits you use, like prunes, raisins, apricots for a minimum of 4 hrs . If going into the yogurt i do it overnight, if eating as a quick snack then a quick rinse off.The sticky sugar on outside of dried fruits adds sugar we dont need and preservatives

FOR a Sorbet styled Filling ICy Treat, FREEZE ALL for 2 hours, then put in BLENDER and BLEND Pump for Under 10 seconds and U have an RAW frozen Fruity Fiber Delicious Snack to eat by spoon , it will totally fill you UP , Satsify sweet tooth, and keep U from the COOKIES at NIGHT!


PrinceLake Hamilton, FL

Excellent; great delivery!

We ordered these berries as accompaniment with Swedish pancakes for a school project World Cultures Fair. They are similar to red currants with a stiffer skin. We have never had them before so I cannot compare to other brands. The delivery of the product was very quick; we thank you.
KeenaCentral, IN

A Plus for Global Commerce!

Till min stora förvåning! Wild Swedish Lingon, sold on-line by a company named MexGrocer! How do you say “bravo!” in Swedish? You say “bravo!”

This seems to be nostalgia week among my amazoo friends, with reviews of coffee and soaps and suntan lotions. So what makes me nostalgic? Lingon, of course! Though “hjortron” (cloudberries) will do just as well.
Non-Swedes tend to think of lingon only as a jam to spread on bread. In Sweden, lingon are the natural accompaniment for mashed potatoes; you can buy a cone of mashed potatoes with lingon at the late night fast food stands. The Swedes who colonized Delaware and New Jersey were so eager to replace the lingon in their diet that they picked the nasty, bitter wild cranberries, mixed them with sugar, and invented an American tradition. But “believe you me” cranberry sauce is no match for real lingon as a relish for roast meats.

KarenBath, ME

Almost as good the fresh lingonberries.

Rolands Lingonberries reminded me of our trip to Sweden and Finland. Although, not quite as good as fresh lingonberries, Rolands is the next best thing.
BobbieWellesley, MA

Hard to find

Lingonberries are great with rotisserie chicken. They are almost impossible to fine in the supermarkets. Even Whole Foods doesn’t have them. This brand is consissently of great quality.
EstefanaEckley, CO


On vacation from Illinois, we first tasted this product at a Swedish restaurant in Wisconsin. It was served as an appetizer with various Swedish crackers, and we loved it! We bought a couple of jars from the restaurant. When we ran out, I was able to find it through Amazon. Amazing! I haven’t tried any other brand, so can only recommend this brand. We love it on hot biscuits, but it can be served with practically anything. Serving suggestions are on the label. It’s slightly tart – so not over sweet like jam/jelly. I will continue to buy as long as Amazon will have it available.
FelicaMadisonville, TX

Love at First Taste

As soon as I heard the health benefits on Dr. Oz I went right to my laptop to order. I purchased the 11 pound bucket {Rolands}which was an excellent buy. When it came I thought OMG it’s such a big bucket! Well soon as I tasted it I fell in love with lingonberries.
I took ordinary Premium crackers spread a little cream cheese and half a spoon of the lingonberries on top. Once you taste it you wanna have more and more. Love the flavor and the cream cheese was great with it. I had to fill a jar with some and not have to keep taking the bucket out of the refrigerator. Can’t wait to taste this with chicken and pork etc. I live at the NJ shore near the big cranberry bogs. But I am enjoying the lingonberries as they are much more delicious and I get all the added antioxidants which is important to me as a cancer survivor.

I have been recommending it to my friends.

LavernLuling, LA

Excellent Product

Saw this product on Dr Oz and was not able to find it locally. It was shipped well protected and the quality and taste was outstanding.
VivianBlair, NE

Roland Lingonberries

Jelly is a little bit bitter on its own but when added to buttered toast it tastes delicious. The benefits of this berry it outstanding for you so I hightly recommend trying it.
SusannMilaca, MN


I liked the consistency of this product.The test was just OK for me,too sweet.
I personally prefer less sweet and more tart test.
SharondaEnterprise, MS

Just Delicious!!!

Dr. Oz recommended this berry as one of the best antioxidants. Of course, I was in search of these special berries. Thank you Amazon for having just about everything available. The taste was unexpected. It tastes great!! I thought it would be just another health food where I had to adjust me taste buds. Not the case with this treat. It is sooooo delicious!! I can eat it right out the jar, but I usually spread it on matzo crackers or some specialty gourmet crackers. So if you’re wondering about taste, you’ve found the right one!! This will be a holiday favorite! Enjoy!!
AntoniaIola, TX


The lingonberries jam is very tasty. I had no idea what to expect the jam to taste like. It is pleasantly lite in taste. I am quite happy I purchased this product and I will purchase it again and again.
LouiseTres Piedras, NM

Great Berries !!

After hearing of the value of lingonberries on the Dr. Oz show, I went on my computer and Amazon and found them right away. The price was good and I got them with in a few days. Very satisfied.
SerafinaRosario, PR


Heard about Lingon berries on Dr. Oz show. Said they have more antioxidants than any fruit . Great in smoothies, I have mine on toast with almond butter. Will definitely order again. Can’t believe anything that tastes this good is also so good for you.

Service excellent as always.

BeataGuide Rock, NE

Most Tastey

My first try at this type of berry and they are wonderful used as jam on toast or in a smoothie. I ordered 4 jars to give 3 as gifts for their first try as well…all agree with me! Feel sure they will be lovers of the lingonberry as well!!!! Amazon is the easiest place to deal with and the service most prompt even in items they send from another supplier!!!
WeldonHorntown, VA

great product

This is a delicious product. I am really enjoying it. It was nicely packaged and presented.
I will be ordering this again.
FritzOrangeburg, SC

exellent product

We recieved this product quickly and enjoyed it. We are sending out for more. We enjoy it with peanut butter. Thank you for great service
MarlonTolleson, AZ


This was new to me as I had never heard of Lingonberries. It is between cranberrys and blue berries and black berries. It is expensive but worth the money. Goes well with Jello sugar free, fat free vanilla puding. Just a small teaspoon level mixed with the pudding and topped with cool whip is an unforgetable treat.
DickGreer, AZ

excellent preserve

I noticed lingonberries were recommended by Dr. Oz with a number of healthy properties and ordered two different preserves. The other was twice the price of this but the taste was the same and this one had less water; basically sugar juice, in it. I’d be happy with either but given the large price difference I’ll reorder this one. The taste was excellent. I always prefer less added sugar and would wish for even less but this is delicious, has a nice fresh taste, too.
TamathaSan Ygnacio, TX