Roland Pesto, 3-Ounce

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Quick facts

  • Pesto is a rich uncooked basil sauce that is mainly used on pasta
  • Basil is blended with olive oil, cheese, walnuts, cashew nuts, and spices
  • Can be used right out of the jar as a spread on crackers
  • Add to garlic to make garlic pesto bread, or heat and use on pasta or rice
  • Product of Italy

Top reviews


I purchased this Pesto because of the good reviews. A bunch of us tasted it and consider it pretty bad.
It tasted old and stale and awful.
MaryamKirkland, TX

This has a fabulous flavor!

I love pesto and this product meets my desire for strong basil flavor! There are no pine nuts but those can be added later, after mixing this pesto with your cooked noodles. However, the jars are really small and the price is relatively high. I use two jars per half a bag of ‘Delicate-Cut Noodles’ by Bali-Spice in order to have that strong basil taste. Maybe San Remo does make a larger jar but I have not seen it on Amazon. Still…I do recommend this sauce as a delicious change from the usual tomato sauces. It’s quite delectable!!
ChuckBrooklyn, IA

Roland Pesto is crapola!

Let me just say up front that if I am hungry i will eat about anything. This Pesto (without any pine nuts) is terrible. Save you money. It had good reviews and since I live in the Baja I thought i would try it since it had such good reviews and we can not buy this sort of stuff here where I live.

Honestly, save you money. There is not really a “Pesto flavor” with this product and it has a rancid sort of “off” taste to it. Six very small (3 oz) jars are over $20.00. It is fairly “pricey” to start with and since it has a terrible taste then it is ridiculously priced in my opinion.

I am so irritated i bought this crapola and of course Amazon will not accept a return on it. My reccomendation is the Classico brand “Traditional Basil Pesto sauce and spread”. I paid, i believe $2.00 a jar for the Classico brand of pesto on sale at a WalMart. The jar size is 8.1 oz and i had five large meals with the Classico pesto sauce which has a wonderful flavor. I boiled some Johnsonville sausage in a pan and afterwards boiled my pasta in the same pan of sausage water. Had the Classico Brand of pesto with my pasta and the flavor was wonderful! The Classico Pesto sauce was incredible on the sliced sausage. So i tried to duplicte the same meal with the Roland Petso sauce and i barely ate half of it and tossed the rest. I won’t be eating the remainder of this RolandPestoCrapola. I realize that individual tastes vary greatly but I can NOT imagine anyone choosing the Roland Pesto.

LovellaPixley, CA

Best Bottled Pesto

I’ve tried a couple different pesto sauces including classico pesto and some packaged pesto and they were crap compared to making a fresh batch which I’ve made many times. I saw this in store and I thought why not since I was lazy. This pesto tastes soo fresh like I just made it and tastes just as fresh after sitting in the fridge for weeks. I def. think this is worth trying so find it in store for a fews bucks and if you agree with me then buy a bunch here and save some money.
MargareteWilliamstown, OH

Best available over the counter for the price

I love this pesto and use it on everything from pasta to bean salad. It tastes good, it’s versatile, and the price is right on Amazon. I was disappointed to log on today and find it isn’t available! Please, bring back the Roland pesto!
SoBryce, UT

San Remo Pesto with Olive Oil

Excellent pesto. Just open the jar and poor over hot pasta.
The easiest meal to have which is flavorful as well as filling.
Will not prepare from scrath again. This is just as good if not better.
We love it!
AshleaNiagara University, NY