Roland Quinoa, Prewashed, 5 lbs. Bags

Roland Quinoa is from South America. Quinoa was the staple of the ancient Incas who called it “Mother Grain.”

Quick facts

  • Pack of two, 5-pound bags (total of 10-pounds)
  • Tiny bead shaped grain with an ivory color
  • Flavor is delicate, almost bland, and blends well with other flavors
  • A complete protein
  • Contains well balanced source of vital nutrients

Top reviews

pre-washed quinoa

Living in such a remote area mandates that I order many of my favorite foods online. I chose Roland Quinoa because of the two, individually sealed bags that are both resealable. I also was intrigued that this quinoa is pre-washed and I have not been disappointed in the least! Now my meals are easier to prepare because I am eliminating the pre-washing step; the quality of this quinoa is superior and I will be ordering this brand from again!
MadalynCrucible, PA

Really great grains

It is wonderful to be able to measure out the one cup of quinoa and add the 2 cups of half chicken broth and half filtered water that I use to cook it and NOT have to spend extra minutes rinsing and draining it!

It cooks perfectly in exactly 15 minutes as per instructions on the bag. Since we no longer eat wheat in any form – and get a bit tired of rice all the time – we really enjoy the quinoa as a delicious substitute for couscous or orzo. It makes delicious tabbouleh and is also really good as a warm side dish, with or without the extra things like mushrooms that one would use in a pilaf.

I shared the second 5# bag with two friends and they are enjoying it also.

VeronicaLudlow, VT

Roland Quinoa, Prewashed

I like prewashed quinoa the best because there is no waste from draining those tiny little seeds and there is no trace of bitterness. So convenient! I am a vegan and Roland prewashed quinoa gives me the required daily amount of protein. makes it easy with super saver shipping delivered right to my door.
Attention Vegetarians: prepare a large batch of Roland Quinoa and keep in the refrigerator for a quick base for your sauteed vegetable dishes. Also great as a hot cereal!
PatrinaVerona, NY

love it!

As a physician in holistic health care I’m always looking for healthy options. After doing much research and having patients teach me about quinoa I decided to try it. It’s a great substitute for rice or brown rice and has much more health benefit. Generally quinoa needs to be washed. The beauty of this product is NO WASHING required! It takes about 15 minutes to make and is very easy. No pan or product burning issues. I make it in bulk so I have it already done for the week and add it to what ever I’m making. I’m on regular delivery and it couldn’t be any easier!!
BobbieWatts Bar Dam, TN

great quinoa

Tastes great and is easy to cook in a rice cooker. I add some red wine to my quinoa recipes. I also use it in soups.
LindsayWaterbury, NE