Roland Sardines, Spiced, 4.38 Ounce

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Quick facts

  • Spiced sardines are packed in a 4.38 ounce can with four to six fish, skin-on
  • Packed with carrots, gherkins, red chili peppers and cloves
  • Ready to serve out of the can or over rice which presents a unique intense taste
  • Kosher and gluten free with zero grams of trans fat
  • Product of Morocco

Top reviews

As the first reviewer said….

The spicing is strongly clove because one is used to spear a micro-thin sliced carrot to a fish. And the micro thin gherkin is there with a whole chili. The fish are decent.
No shortage of oil in these cans. I’d buy them again keeping in mind you get what you pay for.
LenardHouston, AK

Good taste, hard to find any vegetables in can and too much oil

I do like the spiced taste, consistency of the fish … overall very good. However, the two cans I opened so far had too much oil – almost space for another sardine. Instead it was filled up with oil and then you need a good magnifying glass to find any vegetables in those cans. In summary four stars for fish quality and taste, two stars for veggie content and oil overflow, resulting in three stars overall.

Update: Interesting to see how Amazon plays with pricing. Bought this item back Jan’11 for $28.72, now in April’11 exactly the same item is priced at $40.83 (both prior to S&S discount). I think that’s a bit much when it comes to yield management, but what can you say … its their business and they can do what they want. Just stay alert and make sure to watch these fluctuations before you hit the buy button. Ha!

KrystinLeeton, MO


On my personal scale of 0 (worst) to 5 (best) IMHO, these sardines that I have bought and tasted repeatedly in 2011 are rated by me as follows:
odor 5/5;
presentation 5/5;
taste 5/5;
texture 3/5 and
quantity in can 5/5.
p.s.:avoid the lower rated sound and look alike Roland product named ‘Sardines with chili peppers'(see all my reviews)
AliceHahira, GA

Three and a Half Stars

I really like the Roland Spiced Sardines. It’s actually nothing spectacular, but much better than just plain olive oil varieties. So far, I’ve been eating at least two cans a day for the past two weeks and only now am I starting to get a little tired of them! Roland Spiced Sardines actually compare quite favorably to Brunswick Fish Steaks in Louisiana Hot Sauce (apparently not available on Amazon still) and Season Special Flavored Brisling Sardines and Season Sardine Fillets (also not available, generally, through Amazon).

Every can I’ve opened — that’s like twenty now — has had a nice big red chili pepper. The carrots and gherkins have been much more variable, as in sometimes I don’t get them, other times they’re very small, and still other times (though only like twice) I’ve got nice big but thin slices of both.

All in all I recommend this and will continue purchasing!

DelorasEastchester, NY