Roland Sun-Dried Tomatoes, 16 Ounce

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Quick facts

  • Sun-dried tomatoes are deep red in color with an intense tomato taste
  • Often reconstituted by pouring boiling water over and allowing to sit for 20 minutes
  • If they are going to be used in a sauce or stew, reconstitution is not necessary
  • Kosher and gluten free with zero grams of trans fat
  • Product of Turkey

Top reviews


These tomatoes seem very soft for dried tomatoes, which is great! They are also very flavorful. I’ve been using them in a coconut curry and I don’t even bother soaking them to soften them, I just throw 5 of them (five halves) in the vita-mix with everything but the coconut milk, blend for a minute and then simmer together with the coconut milk. Delicious! I originally purchased these because I had some raw food recipes that called for quite a bit of dried tomatoes and these seem nearly perfect for that (the thing that makes them less than perfect to me is that they aren’t organic) but 3 pounds is still so much I gave one bag to my boyfriend who thinks I’m weird for giving him a pound of dried tomatoes but once I give him the coconut curry recipe he’ll be thanking me.

Oh, and the bags zip lock shut after they’re opened, which is a nice touch.

RosanneBeaufort, MO

Sun Dried Tomatoes – 1 Lb bags

These were very nice. I saw other reviews about the flavor being off. I was very happy with the flavor. There are two types of sundried tomatoes. Dried and smoked. These are dried. This gives a medium color and flavor. for those who want the dark or almost black color and a strong flavor. Use the smoked kind. I found these to be very nice.
I was cooking a Sundried Tomatoe Chicken (breast meat chuncks), with diced onion,fine diced bell pepper and crushed garlic paste(on the pan seered chicked). I used kitchen sizzors, and cut these into very small diced chuncks. I would recomend slow cooking these (simmer all ingrediants in water ) or cook the day before and reheat for serving. That brings out the full flavor of the tomatoes (and garlic). it also gives the chicken that light red tomatoe color as the flavor soaks in. Just serve over white rice and it is very Yunny. It is the sundried tomatoes color and flavor,that make this something very special.
I have served this recipe to Caterers & 5-star chefs, and they were very impressed, as the flavor and color is unlike any other combination. Several asked for my recipe.
Chef Duke – Hollywood CA
MuoiMontreal, MO

Roland Sun Ripened Dried Tomatoes

My favorite. I am very happy with this purchase. They arrived in three bags and they smell good too.
PetronilaSun City, KS

Too dried tomatoes

These tomatoes are very dry when compared to store bought dried tomatoes. I tried to soften them by placing in a jar of olive oil but even after weeks they continue to have a very tough, leathery texture. The only way I can use them is to cut them into very fine pieces (a very tedious task without a blender). Disappointing as I had plans for many dishes, now I have 3 pounds that will need to be ground up for any use.
FredrickPilot Mound, IA

Freakin’ amazing

Just received my first order of these yesterday and and they taste amazing! Granted, they are not soaked in oil, but you could easily fork over more than $50 for a similar quantity of these if you were to get them in those little olive oil-containing bottles you find at the supermarket.

I used them for a recipe of Chicken Milano (I simmered them in a heavy cream and chicken broth mixture for 10-15 mins) and I didn’t even have to soak them beforehand. They easily absorbed the moisture and the consistency was perfect.

And did I mention they taste really fresh?

So, to review: great taste + great price + great freshness = 5 stars

EchoFerriday, LA

Not very tasty

I am really disappointed in these tomatos. I have purchased sundried tomatos previously from Trader Joe’s and loved the zesty flavor they contribute to dishes. These are very disappointing by comparison.
JerrellNew Vienna, IA

Very dry

OK, what did I expect? They’re sun ripened, DRIED tomatoes, right? No. These are really dry and really can’t be eaten unless you soak them first. If you don’t mind soaking them, they taste just fine.
KymberlyAubrey, AR

Buyer Beware: This product contains SULFUR DIOXIDE!

Searching for the best sun-dried tomatoes is always a frustrating one because I am looking for a non sulfur dioxide product with nice flavor and affordability. These are affordable and mind you I read as much as I could including the labels and all the reviews but there was no mention of sulfur dioxide as an ingredient in this particular product. So I bought it with confidence thinking that although it was not organic, it was free of sulfur dioxide. Yesterday I opened it up to make some salad dressing for my raw dishes only to realize by just watching the color of the product alone that it had some additive which the ingredient list confirmed. I can’t return the product so now I am stuck with 3 lbs of unsatisfactory product and I still have to go buy additional product that is sulfur free!
Roland your company needs to indicate in the description that it’s sun-dried product contains sulfur dioxide, health is a big concern so you don’t want to be responsible for any kind of customer health issues from this product.
Buyer beware!
DessieOil Trough, AR

Great tomatoes

I had been unhappy with the expensive sundried tomatoes in the market. I took a chance with this product. They are delicious!!! So easy to store. And a great source of the antioxidant lycopene!! I will order them again. VERY happy w/ quality and price.
CassiHinkley, CA

excellent value

We purchased these for our wedding pasta (to serve 125) and were so pleased. Just as tasty as what you would find in the grocery store–at a fraction of the price!
WardInman, KS