Rolled Fondant, Vanilla Flavor, 5 Lbs – Pink

Satin Ice Rolled Fondant Icing is a premium quality, non-stick, pliable icing which may be rolled out by hand using a rolling pin or by a mechanical sheeter. Satin Ice produces a satin smooth elegant finish to any cake. It may be used as a modeling paste to create decorative pieces, and is the ideal cake covering used to cover wedding, novelty and special occasion cakes. 5 pounds. Mix with white fondant for a lighter pink. Certified Kosher pareve. We sell our Satin Ice rolled Fondant at BELOW wholesale prices. If you order multiple pails of fondant along with light weight or fragile items, we may ship your order in separate boxes to prevent damage. If your order requires more than one box due to the amount or weight of fondant

Quick facts

  • Satin Ice rolled fondant produces a satin-smooth elegant finish to any cake.

Top reviews

smooth, soft and tasty

I’ve been using Satin Ice for a year now on my cakes. I purchase it from local bakery supplies stores as well as online. It is nice and smooth, soft and pliable. It doesn’t require much kneading and tastes like vanilla, a bit on the sweet side though. If old (over a year), it will taste rancid and be a bit hard but can still be rolled out. Wilton brand rolled fondant is gross tasting and not as soft and pliable. Marshmellow fondant is more pasty tasting and gummier.
AmandaShongaloo, LA

Best fondant!

Satin Ice is the best tasting fondant I can find on the market. It’s a little more sticky than other types of fondant but you can keep it from sticking to your hands by rubbing some crisco on your hands before working with the fondant.
IrmaAlta, CA

Quick Delivery and Very Easy to work with!

I had to complete a wedding cake and needed black fondant. I was so happy when I found Satin Ice. It was black, tastes way better than white fondant and was very very easy to work with. Awesome item and highly reccommended!
XochitlRussiaville, IN

Quality suffering. Cracks abound.

I have been using Satin Ice for many years, but lately, the quality has diminished. Cracks appear almost immediately. There is little to do but to start over and pray. That is unacceptable. I will be researching alternatives for my business. […]
JacquelynGaylord, MN