Romanoff Caviar Vodka Red Lumpfish Caviar, 2-Ounce Jars

Well known and respected in the industry, Romanoff;has offered only the highest quality caviar available since 1835.;The word caviar means the roe (eggs) of certain kinds of fish;is washed, then lightly processed with salt to preserve it.;Not only is it a natural food, its method of preservation is one;of the oldest known to man.;For over 170 years, the name Romanoff has been associated;with fine caviar. Today, it is the only brand offering a full range;of caviars in grocery stores across the country.;In the past, caviar was only used for very special occasions.;Today, caviar is readily available, and in demand throughout;the year.;The caviars from Romanoff have been carefully processed and;packaged to maintain their high quality and flavor. There are;three popular varieties, look for them in the canned seafood;section of your supermarket. Our new formulation is a fresh, less salty tasting caviar.

Quick facts

  • Less Salty Taste
  • Kosher and Gluten Free
  • New Contemporary Graphics

Top reviews

No Salt. Vodka taste? Oh Yeah.

I tried a couple of spoonfuls with this by itself. The first few were like a shot of Vodka…straight. Yeah…Baby! All my boyfriend could think and say was “fish eggs”, and “Yuck, not me”. Where I come from, that just means all the more for me. I got the 4-pk subscription. It is almost as if there is no salt at all, but the vodka may be strong for some. Since I am the only one who has the taste for it in my home, one jar can last for 2 days. By the way…NOT FOR KIDS.
JanetEatontown, NJ

Terribly Wrong

I strongly suspect this caviar, which is widely available in US supermarkets is a reason for fear of caviar in 90% of American population. This product only resembles real caviar in shape and color (artificial). It would not qualify for caviar in Europe. It’s from the wrong fish, it has totally wrong taste, and it also has whole periodic table on the label. It’s like dying chicken breast into red color, marinating it in steak souse, and selling it as New York Strip Steak…

Real caviar doesn’t come from lumpfish, and real caviar only have two ingredients – caviar and salt. Try Red Pearl Salmon Caviar if you want to try caviar. You can easily find it on Amazon and other places online.

MortonSouth Butler, NY

You gotta like fish

What can I say, it tastes like fish. Like really fishy fish. Texture is OK, salty, but not overly salty, but it is what it is, fish eggs.
JacalynRichwood, OH