Romney Candy Political Poopers

Collectible Romney Pooping Candy Dispenser. Just in time for the 2012 Presidential Elections! Open the door on the back of his head, fill with the red, white & blue candies (included), wind him up and watch him go! Race him against the Obama Pooper to see who wins!

Quick facts

  • Collectible Candy Dispenser – limited production
  • Red, White & Blue Candy Balls included
  • Wind him up and watch him go
  • Packed in clear acetate box
  • Great for Political Junkies

Top reviews

Dreams do come true! You can now eat Mitt Romney’s bowel movement!

Year after year I would lie awake in bed, thinking, hoping, wishing for the one day I could purchase a likeness of a major political figure that actually defecates candy. Well, every once in awhile, dreams do come true. This defecating Romney doll is all I hoped for! Unlike the real Gov. Romney, though, who passes actual fecal matter (on a rather regular schedule, I’m sure), the doll empties its bowels of candy! (it should be noted the candy, thank goodness, is not fecal flavored). This will share a treasured space with my NASCAR toilet seat and my mounted rubber fish that sings Roy Orbison tunes.
WendolynMorley, MI