Rosebud – Powder – 4 OZ

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Quick facts

  • Rosebud Powder
  • Freshly Ground
  • Powder
  • Spices

Top reviews

It Must Have Been The Roses!

I purchased this to incorporate into my own Ras El Hanout (along with some Lavender Powder: , and a number of other ground spices).

The floral component of the Ras El Hanout was perfectly accomplished with these two additions [a very little bit goes a LONG way!], and I had plenty left over for use in my experimental perfume-making hobby.

The scent of the rose powder is lovely and the taste is not too bitter, with the Rosy ‘nose’ of the component being greater than the wholly-natural and expected bitterness of it.

MagnoliaNiangua, MO

Smells like roses

The rose powder is very potent and good for making rose water.

Well packaged.

StephanEmden, IL