Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles Single – Pack of 6

Rowntree Fruit Pastilles are sugar coated have an unrivalled intense fruit flavor. Fruit pastilles were launched in 1881 by Rowntrees and are their oldest product.

Quick facts

  • Fruit Flavoured Sweets encrusted in sugar.
  • They contain fruit juice, and have no artificial colours or flavours.

Top reviews

Dieters Beware! These Are Awesome!

I shop for groceries at a nearby Fresh and Easy store. They’re a British company and carry a lot of imported items, particularly things from England. I’ve discovered their European candies. My wife is from Russia and has also lived in London and she says that European candies are better than American. Boy, is she right! In any case, the latest item for me to pick up is a roll of Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles. They’re little round discs, about the size of a nickel but about twice as thick, and are covered with somewhat coarsely granulated sugar crystals. They’re not particularly sweet, I should add. Inside is a tough, very chewy candy. The flavor is not overly strong, unlike American things of this kind, but is soft and subtle and very, very good. A roll of these has three or four different flavors within it. Boy, are these things good. Gracious! I start out with the idea of having one or two, but the whole roll is gone in no time. Ummmmm. Beware if you’re on any kind of a diet. These things are awesome!

Gary Peterson

OlgaEllsworth, MN