Royal Canin Pug Adult Dog Food features a kibble exclusively designed to make it easier for the Pug to pick up and also encourages him to chew. The Pug is a good example of the ”brachycephalic” jaw type with a very short muzzle. The skin reflects the dog’s state of health. Appropriate food plays an important part in maintaining the quality of the skin. The exclusive formula of Pug Adult helps support the skin’s role as a barrier with an exclusive complex of nutrients and helps maintain skin health (EPA and DHA). This formula helps maintain the Pug’s muscle tone with an appropriate protein content. Contains L-Carnitine. Excess weight gain can affect the health of the Pug. An appropriately balanced food is therefore necessary for their health. The formula helps maintain the Pug’s ideal weight. 100% complete and balanced nutrition. Designed exclusively for pure breed Pugs over 10 months. Size: 10 pounds.

Quick facts

  • Dog Food for Pugs over 10 months old
  • Kibble specifically engineered for their short, flat muzzle, so it is easier to grasp and chew
  • Aids in strong bones and joint health

Top reviews

made my pug sick

I read all reviews and got good ratings, however I have had my pug on this food for about a month. He has been sick: diahrea and vomiting. I will not be using this product again.
KimberlyPalmyra, MI

My pug really loves this.

Royal Canin dry food for pug is a food my pug really loves. He is able to eat it much better than other sizes. we are hooked on this brand.
MargaretNelliston, NY

The Best

We have a year old pug and have always been mindful of nutrition since pugs have a tendency to become overweight. When I saw this food, I thought it was just a “hype”, but after reviewing its contents, we decided to give it a try! Our dog absolutely LOVES this stuff and I feel it is nutritionally balanced. Odd that it seems to have the same caloric value as other foods not designated for the needs of this breed, but perhaps it is simply absorbed differently. Our vet advised us to feed him 1/4 cup twice a day which is considerably less than is suggested on the bag, but he seems to be doing great. I would highly recommend this food to any pug owner!
ShenikaLewisport, KY

Awesome Pug Food!

The type of pug food is wonderful! My pug has been on it for a while now and can’t get enough.
TianaKimberly, AL

Great Pug Food

This food is great. My pug had become a bit of a picky eater, so I switched to Royal Canin Pug food. Now, I never have a problem getting him to eat. He has also lost a few pounds since starting on Royal Canin Pug. All pug owners know that this is a major plus, as it is hard to keep these guys slim.
EraMountain Home, TN

even picky dogs love it

I have two dogs with different tastes- one will eat anything and one prefers meaty products but even meat flavored dry food doesn’t do it for him. except royal canin. we bought it bc of its claim to be special for pugs and the jury is still out on whether that makes a difference. all I know is my dogs love it and when the puppies who are too little to eat it yet smell it they go crazy! I would recommend it and amazon definitely has the best price but you still are purchasing a higher cost product here. for how much my picky guy loves it, it’s worth it for us!
NereidaFulton, OH

It’s been a lifesaver

After having the most perfect pug with absolutely no issues for years, I recently took in a rescue pug who was overweight and has a slew of problems with his skin, ears, eyes, etc. I tried a couple of different medications and foods to try to help. Royal Canin Pug food was recommended to me because of the weight management and the ingredients to help with skin conditions. My little guy LOVES this stuff. He is harping at me every morning and night for his food. He is slimming down but the best part is that his skin is clearing up. He no longer has the hotspots on his back and his face is quickly healing as well. I am using ear drops, but believe that combined with this food, he is healing better. He no longer itches all day and he’s noticeably happier. Love this stuff and love that the price on Amazon is cheaper than the local stores.
ShaRutland, IL

Great food

Every time I order this, it always arrives quickly and packed nicely and my puggle loves it. I mix it with the regular Royal Canine for adult dogs.
WinnifredLenox, TN

Great Pug Food

My pug had been overweight for a long time, I have switched his light dog food from brand to brand and his weight just not good down. I later had him tried the science diet (prescription light diet) and he did lose weight but it is expensive and the ingredients are not as good as royal canin in my opinion, they later come up a royal canine for pug and I started feeding my boy that and he absolutely loves it! He continue to lose weight even though this is not labeled as diet food. He is healthy and active and I would highly recommend this to any pug lovers.
EladiaMadisonville, LA

Great Price

Best price you can find!Food is fresh, I love that I don’t have to schlep it more than from my door to the kitchen!
ClorindaNashua, IA

Finally allergies free!

Since I tried this product my pug is happy to eat . The size, the taste, the presentation, the formula, all match with her
and with me. But the most important thing is that after a complicate episode of my pug was very sick, the vet told me to
try because she can’t have any other food beside as diet prescription. Thanks Royal canine that this problem were solve.Royal Canin Dry Dog Food, Pug 25 Formula, 10-Pound Bag
KatrinaJenkinsville, SC

Good quality pug food, best price anywhere

My pug is thriving on Pug 25, and the price here is so much better than buying at my local pet megastore..I get 4 times the food for only double the cost, and it’s delivered to my door. Can’t beat it.
KipBonnieville, KY