ROYAL CANIN FELINE HEALTH NUTRITION Adult Instinctive thin slices in gravy canned cat food, 3-Ounces, 24-Pack

Royal Canin Adult Instinctive is formulated to provide your adult cat with an appealing formula they will enjoy at each feeding, also features a moderate energy level to help maintain your adult cat’s ideal weight. Instinctively preferred by utilizing Macro Nutrient Profile science, Royal Canin has formulated to be instinctively preferred by adult cats. That means your cat gets a formula it loves while getting the precise nutrition it needs at each and every feeding.

Quick facts

  • Maintains healthy coat and skin
  • Promotes healthy weight management
  • Precise nutrition

Top reviews

Cats LOVE the taste – but seems a little pricey for what you get

First the good news: My cats (all 7 of them) absolutely love this food. 2 of our most finicky will eat almost nothing else, but they gobble this down. Clearly this is a good-tasting food.

Now the bad news: Seems very expensive for what you get. A look at the ingredient list reveals by-products and several grain fillers such as wheat gluten that you don’t usually find in a so-called “premium” food. Not sure why exactly it is so expensive. They also do not even make this available in a 5.5 or 6 oz can, only the 3 oz size – so for multiple cat households the cost of these little cans can really add up in a hurry.

So bottom line, it is definitely a good-tasting food and if your cats are picky eaters it is worth a try. However, the high cost and lack of a larger can option makes this a tough sell. I am trying to find a better/more economical food that all of my cats will like, so I can transition them off this.

ZeldaBerlin, ND

My Bengal loves this

One of my Bengals had started demanding treats all the time. I could not find wet food that she would eat. But after trying this, she doesn’t ask for treats any more. It is expensive, but since we don’t have to buy the treats, I think we are coming out ahead. And, I’m sure it is better for her.
WilfordCrystal Spring, PA

Cat likes this best – not inexpensive

I am not sure what Royal Canin puts in this mixture, but my cat, a nine year-old part Bengal, thinks this is kitty candy. He eats most any dry food, but is very selective about wet food. This is his favorite. I hope the ingredients are worth the price. His dry food is Evo Herring and Salmon to keep his carbohydrate intake low.
MarietteHarleton, TX

excellent for a picky cat

This appears to be a good cat food product for a cat who stops eating
–and is waiting to be prompted-
or maybe needs something new to add to his diet.
It is also good for a large cat–who needs a better diet!
KayleighBuxton, NC

Your cat will love you!!

An excellent cat food that your cats will love!!

Our cat truly loves this food and does not want anything else. Also, for owners of cats such as Bengals, like we have, check the protein content in other foods, they do not compare. The cost may be higher, at $1.29 per can, but this is no different than what you will pay for it at your local pet store. Use Amazon’s free shipping and enjoy the convenience of having it delivered directly to your door!

Royal Canin Canned Cat Food, Adult Instinctive (Pack of 24 3-Ounce Cans)

EarthaMapleton, MN

My cat is a fussy eater and she begs for this.

She comes running when she hears the can open. My cat is very picky and she really eats every bit of this. I wish it wasn’t so expensive. It’s worth it!
KerrieHoxie, KS

good but pricey

I have 2 cats. They “need” to eat wet food according to my vet because one of them is not getting enough water. I don’t want to buy them Mcfakefood from the grocery store.

Both my cats will eat this and they are pretty picky. The directions say to feed them 3 1/3 cans PER DAY EACH CAT. Mine eat 2 each per day and are fine but even then, that is 4 cans per day. That means one case only lasts 6 days = 5 cases per month = over $150. That is PRICEY. WTF?

HollieTower City, PA