By its nature, some cats have a greater tendency to become overweight than others. Maintaining health means preventing obesity. Weight control is also desirable for aesthetic reasons. The graceful and muscular feline body type is beautiful in its natural form. A sedentary life leads to intestinal laziness, resulting in foul stool odors. The ideal balance between a diet’s energy level (measured in calories) and the energy expenditure, in relation to your cat’s lifestyle and activity level, supports a healthy weight. A formula with natural flavors help provide your overweight cat with an appealing, low calorie diet. A high protein diet with moderate fat levels (high ratio of proteins to calories) may help to prevent excess weight gain and preserve your cat’s elegant body line. Available in 7 lbs.

Quick facts

  • Calorie reduction for optimal weight management
  • Balances protein and fat levels to increase palatability
  • Supports lean muscle mass

Top reviews

ok stuff

Both my cats like it but after 6 months I see no weight loss in my overweight cat. They are healthy and happy but still not where they should be weightwise.
PamPalmer Lake, CO

Cats eat this a lot, but it increases hairballs (I think)

I’ve been using Royal Canin Intense hairball and it really does the trick. But feeling a little sorry for my chubby cats made me buy this Light one. They like it, but it’s drier, and I think it’s contributing to the many more hairballs they seem to get.
CatherynBarton, AR

Great Weight Loss Food

We have two cats, one of which has developed a weight problem. We tried all sorts of weight loss foods with no success. Finally we tried this and she has come down to a reasonable weight while our other cat has maintained his weight.

We have to be extremely strict about their intake – feed them separately and make sure they don’t each the other’s portions, but overall, highly recommended.

AlaneJewett, TX

2 out of 4 cats received Diarrhea

Although my full size grown Tuxedo & tabby do well with this food. My two other cats Maine coon & Siamese were doing HORRIBLE with this food that caused them diarrhea.
My two cats ate royal canin in the past & they got diarrhea, they started eating Kirkland and got tired of it. They started eating Royal Canin again & got Diarrhea again.

I am not giving them Spots Stew ( with wholesome ingredients & gluten free) I am hoping it helps them since i know It couldn’t be worms! They get frequent deworming.

SammyBostwick, GA

Best cat food for multiple fat cats

We have 3 cats. They start at 10 pounds. After some crazy vet bills and a good scare, the oldest was put on prescription weight loss food. Which means they all were. A year later, they had all gained weight. Apparently it’s delicious and they over ate.
We needed to change that. So we had given them the total canin wet food and they liked it, so with our vet’s permission, we moved them on to it. They like it, but they are not over eating or gaining weight. That its exactly what I needed. And now I can have it delivered in 2 days! If only I could subscribe and it was Cheaper!
WernerStonington, CT

my cat likes this!

I’ve tried tons of foods in the past and had to change: either they didn’t work after months of being religiously measured out, or she would get sick of them and cry for something different. With this she has lost 1.5 lbs in over 2 months. And she’s not showing signs of still being hungry or wanting something different.
DrewEl Sobrante, CA

Cats won’t eat it

I have been using Royal Canin exclusively since I took in my first cat two years ago, and both of my cats love it. It seems to be a high quality product that tastes good. I switched to light because one cat is getting fat. However, now my cats won’t eat it. They just nibble at it a little and cry for something else. Oh well. I guess it’s not for everycat.
JerrellNaches, WA

Best food for my cats so far.

I have two cats, one was a tad over the recommended weight, the other one a lot. The heavier one was also very lazy, never playing much and mostly sitting around watching the world go by. After many, many attempts of different foods (including super expensive stuff from the vet) and feeding times, I ran across this food. Within two weeks, the large cat started to chase things and play around, and after about two months, she had lost enough weight that we could tell just by looking at her. Both cats really like it, and I have to say that since we started using it, I can’t remember what hairballs even are, a nice side effect. This stuff is not cheap, but if your cats are a little bit on the chubby or lazy side, you should definitely give this a try for a month or so.
PetraLaurie, MO

Great food– my cat actually lost weight!

This food is something we have been looking for a long time. Our 12 year old tabby has been overweight since her adoption into the family 10 years ago. No matter what amount of dieting she did she never could lose weight.

In her first month eating this food she lost 8 ounces. People may laugh at measuring weight loss in ounces but when you only weigh 12 pounds that is a high amount of your body mass.

Some advice– this food is rich. Use a blend to introduce the food slowly– gradually working up to the recommended amount with none of the old food mixed in. The people at the pet store highly recommended this brand and I think it is a great product!

We are almost a year in– we tried to go back to the “cheaper” food but noticed that the cat was way hungrier– the Royal Canin keeps her full like the other popular brands cant! So yes, it is more expensive but is it worth it not to have your cat wake you up at 5 a.m. for breakfast!?

AnnettWalkersville, MD

no hairballs here

I have a short hair tiger cat, and rotate this royal canin cat food with earthborn holistics grain free dry food. I switched to earthborn when she had hairballs using the science diet, for the staff at a pet food store said that would help. But I also needed a lower calorie count as the vet said she was slightly overweight, thus the half and half. I used the RC 27 indoor cat formula first, but my cat begged for food constantly on that one, so I just used it until her weight was close to perfect, then went to the combination of earthborn/rc 40, as long as she is more active and outside quite a bit and can burn off the higher calorie earthborn. I do brush my cat every couple of days.
MargeneRock Island, TX