Royal West Lake Longjing Green Tea 4 oz

Because the Art of Tea is about Good Taste! You deserve a moment to relax with a warm cup of tea just for yourself, or if you wish to share it with your family and friends! Take the time to prepare your taste buds for this exquisite blend, hand picked and perfectly prepared for you to enjoy! < Brewing Tips: Tea Type - Steeping Time - Water Temperature
  • Green/White – 1-4 Minutes – Steaming (150-180 F)
  • Oolong – 1-3 Minutes – Light Boil (165-190 F)
  • Pu-erh – 2-10 Minutes – Rolling Boil
  • Black – 2-5 Minutes – Rolling Boil

Please visit the generation tea website for more available types of tea and tea brewing accessories! Enjoy your tea!

Quick facts

  • Complex overtones are released from the small uniform leaves that turn a beautiful, bright green when steeped.
  • Dragon Well tea at its finest.

Top reviews

Good tea

I bought my mom this tea and I think she’s addicted to it. She’s real picky about teas, seeing as she’ll blow cash on high-end jasmine and oolong teas. I wasn’t sure if she’d like this at first so I bought a smaller amount. But she said this particular tea is very fragrant and has a great taste. Green tea is probably one of the best teas: chocked full of antioxidants and benefits if you drink it without cream and excessive sugar. Enjoy.
KariePeterborough, NH