Rudy Greens Doggy Cuisine Pork, Pasta and Potato, 12-Ounce Units

people food for dogs

Quick facts

  • 100 percent Human Edible: Diced Pork, Potatoes, Pasta, Celery, Water, Flour and Garlic
  • Serve as a mix in to dry food or alone
  • All natural; Frozen; No preservatives
  • Micro-wave safe and resealable containers
  • Made in commercial kitchen in Louisville, KY; 5% of sales go to animal shelters

Top reviews

People Food For Dogs

Their slogan “People Food For Dogs” is no exaggeration. I tried it… it’s awesome. My dogs love this stuff.
RosanneYoungstown, OH

Rudy Greens Doggy Cuisine ROCKS!!

We have three “kids,” Sturgis-the-Wonder-Peke, Bobette (aka Alien-Love-Child), and Ellie Mae Dobby Diana (our little rescue mix), who seemed pretty much on the fence as to how good their regular dry food was. Yes, they’d eat it, but no one seemed to be doing the happy dance prior to meal-time. Well, except for EMDD, who spent her first year being horribly neglected. She does the happy dance for just about anything now that her life has turned around. Anyway, the first time I put just a small spoonful of RGDC’s Pork, Pasta & Potato over their dry food, our trio made it perfectly clear that this was absolutely the BEST food they’ve ever had! Noses buried in their bowls, tails wagging while they ate, and not a drop or morsel left behind!! Now, I am notified early every morning by Sturgis that it’s time to get up and make breakfast. And in the afternoon, he does the same thing. EMDD makes us dizzy with her spinning happy dance. And Bobette simply hops around (which, for her very low-key self is almost as strenuous as kick-boxing). Meals vanish in record time! Bravo to RGDC for bringing “delicious” back to dog bowls!!
SigneSun Valley, AZ

Koda loves Rudy Greens!

Koda is a big dog with a big appetite! He loves all the Rudy Green products mixed in with his hearty kibble. He’s always satisfied and ready to go outside and pass it along! I love knowing my dog is eating as healthy as I am!
He would really like to be the next dog on the package, maybe someday there will be a competition for the best mug!
ElvieMarble, MN

wonderful dog food

This is the best dog food we have ever tried. I have 3 dogs, a German Shepard and 2 Yorkies and they go wild for Rudy Greens. We just mix it with their regular dry food. What is amazing about this product is that my German Shepard no long scratches…it has really helped with her dry skin problem. Highly recommend this food.
BeeWales, UT

Gourmet Food for Dogs

Rudy Green’s is a great addition to hum-drum kibble! I use it to top otherwise bland dog food and add variety and necessary nutrients to my three dogs’ diets. It’s nice to have quality freshly prepared ingredients, instead of something that has been sitting in a can for months.
AmericaRoca, NE