Rudy Greens Doggy Cuisine Veggie Might, 12-Ounce Units

Give your dog the healthy benefits of real meat, vegetables and whole grains by adding Rudy Green’s all natural doggy cuisine to your dogs rudy_leftdry diet. Rudy Green’s Cuisine is a human-grade product made from 100% real meat and veggies and contains no “meat meal”, by-products, dyes, preservatives or fillers. Ordinary dry dog food may be “completely balanced” but is bland and can be lacking in some of the nutrients found only in real meat, grains, and vegetables. This product comes frozen without any of the additives in canned foods. It can be thawed in your refrigerator or microwave and served warm or cold, as a topping to your dog’s dry food or as a special treat.

Quick facts

  • Home-made; Human edible meals for dogs
  • Serve as a mix in to dry food or alone
  • All natural; Frozen; No preservatives
  • Micro-wave safe and resealable containers
  • Made in commercial kitchen in Louisville, KY; 5% of sales go to animal shelters

Top reviews

Great for finicky stomachs!

With three dogs and three different appetites, this no-meat variety is a great topping for feeding time. One dog in particular is subject to gastro intestinal issues and he can digest this with no problem! Thanks for making this great food!
LachelleTatums, OK