Rufus Teague Touch O’ Heat Spicy BBQ Sauce 16 oz.

Rufus Teague’s sauce didn’t happen overnight but it has come a long way. From the old pot he used to stir it in, to winning competitions all over the country, this sauce hasn’t changed much. If Rufus was still alive there is no doubt he would be telling everybody that he knew he had something with this sauce. Slight heat comes on in the end mixed with a sweetness for tremendous flavor.

Quick facts

  • Rufus Teague ~ Kansas City
  • Touch O’ Heat Spicy BBQ Sauce
  • 2005, 2007, and 2008 Great American BBQ Contest Peoples Choice Sauce Champion
  • 16 oz. Glass Flask Bottle
  • Goes well with beef, chicken, pork and fish

Top reviews

Wow, awesome this stuff rocks

We have tried many different types of sauces/rubs and have never been as impressed as we are with Mr Teagues. My team of 15 is from all over the states so the different tastebuds are abundant, this stuff covered them all and walked away as king.
VenettaBarlow, KY

Excellent Sauce!

Saw a review on this product in Esquire’s top BBQ products and decided to give it a shot. SUPER glad I did. This is a very well balanced sweet/spicy BBQ full of flavor. My wife and I both love it and have used it a wide variety of foods, LOL, even as a dip with chips. Whether you are a BBQ aficionado or just curious, I strongly suggest you give this a try. Even with the $7.25 shipping it’s well worth the price.
RoyceDale, TX

Great-tasting sauce

Tried this sauce for a bbq party with some friends. We smoked brisket and ribs. This sauce was a huge hit at the party. Personally, I give it 5 stars for its deep, complex flavor. It’s somewhat sweet, a little bit smoky, and slightly spicy — all at the same time. I do think it was slightly better with the brisket than the ribs. This is an excellent sauce – you can’t go wrong.
JoeOmaha, AR

Excellt BBQ Sauce

I purchased this sauce in a foo foo shop for home decorating. Excellent. Touch O Heat is great. Amazon it and you will be happy you did!
LatrishaVirginia City, MT