Russell Stover Whitman’s Patty Peg Bag, Mint, 3.25-Ounce

Weightwatchers Dark Chocolate Mint Patties By Whitman’s® Candies. + 50 calories per piece. + Cool mint center. + Rich dark chocolate. 1 PointsPlus® value, per piece.

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These mints are delicious which is why I ordered them. But they arrived on one of hottest days in summer and even though they weren’t outside long–and had cooled off for several hours before I opened, they were completely melted to the wrapper. Probably in truck for too long. Lesson learned: don’t order these in warm weather.
TreenaCalhan, CO


I was skeptical when my husband brought these home for me. I am a huge mint/ chocolate fan, loving every ounce of Junior Mints and Peppermint Patties. So you can understand my nervousness when faced with something that screams WEIGHT WATCHERS all over it.

Each patty is individually wrapped and worth 1 WW Points + each. I would say each is about the size of a ‘fun size’ York peppermint patty. The chocolate is rich, the filling is sweet and refreshing. There was no strange minty or saccharine aftertaste. I just love these!

My supermarket frequently discounts them 2/$4, which would put them right at $2 for a bag. I believe the bulk version sold on Amazon is a little more expensive.

JulienneAtlanta, GA