Russian Osetra Caviar Sampler Gift Set – with spoon

Enjoy the unique flavors of the three varieties of Osetra Caviars. Osetras have a clean, crisp, nutty flavor but vary in color, size, and slightly in taste. This Osetra Caviar Gift Set comes with 1 ounce each of Osetra, Osetra Prime “A” and Osetra Royal Black “B”, along with a 36 pack of mini blinis and creme fraiche. The perfect gift for the Osetra caviar lover.

Quick facts

  • – Country of Origin: Caspian Sea
  • Product is perishable and will ship via FedEx Overnight service
  • Availability: Usually ships within 1 business day

Top reviews

What Me Worry?

$333.00 worth of caviar rotted on my mother’s doorstep. Why because she was out of town when it was delivered, no pre-notifiction, no signiture, nothing, Thanks alot, REAL NICE BIRTHDAY PRESENT. What else can I say??
JameeMercer, WI