S Adenosyl 225

S Adenosyl 225 (SAMe) for medium to large dogs is used to improve liver metabolic activity and restore proper liver function. Contains antioxidants to help neutralize oxygen free radicals, amino acids to stimulate glutathione synthesis and reduce oxidative damage, Bvitamins to provide nutritional support ensuring proper protein and energy metabolism, and vitamin B6 for synthesis of cysteine in the liver detoxification pathway. Unique, entericcoated delivery system allows it to stand up formidably to stomach acid and effectively deliver the SAdenosylmethionine 1,4 butanedisulfonate (SAMe) to the small intestine for proper absorption. Both strengths contain SAMe and other important ingredients for proper liver support such as milk thistle to help protect liver cells from toxins and reduce damage to those cells caused by some prescription drug use. Generic for Denosyl 225 mg.

Quick facts

  • Improve liver metabolic activity
  • Restore proper liver function
  • Contains antioxidants
  • Help neutralize oxygen free radicals
  • Provide nutritional support

Top reviews


I can not understand the change in pricing in 30 days. My first purchase of 60 tabs was 34.39 then I go back to reorder and the best price, from another company, was over $50.00 and this company was more. Believe me I love my 12 year old lab BUT do not have a lot of money! Stacie
KieshaBrinkhaven, OH

Much cheaper and fast delivery.

I was paying $39.00 for 30 pills from my vet and I got this (60 pills) for under $35.00. Delivery was in 3 days too!
MarlenOld Town, ME

Great Price!

My vet wanted this supplement for both my dogs. This is the same supplement at a good discount from my vet’s price. Will be back again and again.
PhoebeMcbrides, MI

Excellent Product

My 11 year old dog was on the verge of dying because of kidney failure.with the vets help and the use of SAMe,he is still running and playing like a young dog again.Thank you for a wonderful product..Walter Schmidt Thank you Amazon for having this product available.
CamilaGibbs, MO

Same as what you get from a vet

This product is the same as I had purchased from the vet but less than half the cost. Arrived in just a few days.
AleneSanostee, NM