Sabatino Organic Black Truffle Oil 3.5 floz

You favorite truffle oil is now available USDA Organic.

Quick facts

  • USDA Organic Black Truffle Oil.
  • Pure Organic Olive Oil.
  • This product gives its best results with first or main courses.
  • This is a finishing oil.
  • A small drizzle goes a long way.

Top reviews

Addicted to this stuff

My spouse is a truffle freak. In this house, we go through a lot of truffle products (when we can get them). This is the best truffle oil we’ve ever had, bar none. (He would drink it out of the bottle, if I let him!) Just toast some good bread and drizzle a goodly amount of this truffle oil on that toasted good bread, then … enjoy!
DreamaClark, SD