Sadaf Chicken Kabob Seasoning, 2.5-Ounce Jars


Quick facts

  • All Natural
  • Superior Quality
  • Reusable shaker top
  • All authentic recopies
  • Use with chicken to grilled or kebobs

Top reviews

Jazz up your grilled chicken

I’m watching what I eat (isn’t everyone), and use my George Foreman grill daily, for chicken. I use just a sprinkle on each side of the chicken breast, and it transforms boring old chicken into “wow”. Got to watch the sodium level (hence just a sprinkle), but a little goes a long way. I’ve introduced this to many of my non-persian-heritage friends, and they’ve loved it. This is definitely a staple in my kitchen.
VaniaProspect Park, PA

Really great seasoning

We were given some of this seasoning and it is really great. We use it with chicken on the grill and it creates a very flavorful (but not over the top) taste and a wonderful light red appearance to the chicken.

Everyone who as tried it likes it as well including very traditional mid-western meat and potato types so you don’t have to be used to Iranian cooking to love this.

ReneeSalesville, OH