Sahale Snacks Honey Almonds Glazed Mix, 4 Ounce

Almonds with Cranberries, Honey + Sea Salt are a great-tasting, gluten-free, healthy snack made with whole roasted almonds, the finest orange blossom honey, naturally dried cranberries, toasted sesame seeds, and sea salt. We’re taking honey-roasted almonds in a whole new direction with an exquisite salty-sweet symmetry. Almonds with Cranberries, Honey + Sea Salt help you Snack BetterTM by providing a healthy alternative to standard cookies and candy bars. Every 160-calorie serving contains 5g protein and 3g fiber from heart-healthy nuts. All Sahale Snacks are Gluten Free, All-Natural, Kosher, 0 Trans Fats, and Cholesterol Free. THE SAHALE SNACKS DIFFERENCE: We stick to a simple idea: use only whole foods in their natural form, avoid highly processed and artificial ingredients, and add a dash of ‘culinary magic.’ We are Certified Gluten Free – our entire facility is certified Gluten Free by the GFCO, which means we adhere to the independent organization’s high standards for Gluten Free certification. We use only high-quality nuts – carefully selected then dry roasted in ovens unlike other snack companies that cook their nuts in vats of oil. We use only unsulfured fruit – our fruit has been preserved without the use of sulfites. We select unique herbs, spices, and seasonings – we search the world for the best ingredients then combine them in unique, delicious ways. Only natural sweeteners – we use organic tapioca syrup and organic cane sugar. We will never use high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. RECIPE IDEAS: There are endless ways to eat Almonds with Cranberries, Honey + Sea Salt: Right out of the bag! Top a green salad with strawberries and goat cheese. Use in a zucchini bread recipe to add crunch.

Quick facts

  • Taking honey-roasted almonds to new heights — the perfect salty-sweet combo featuring orange blossom honey and sea salt
  • Each 160-calorie serving has 5g protein and 3g fiber from heart-healthy nuts and fruit
  • Only the highest quality ingredients are used when creating our premium nut blends – dry-roasted nuts, naturally dried fruit, real spices, herbs, and seasonings, and natural sweeteners
  • Delicious right out of the bag, in your favorite recipes, or for entertaining – experiment to find your favorite way to use them
  • Seattle-based Sahale Snacks has developed a loyal following for its healthy, great-tasting snacks that feature surprising, unique, and delicious flavor combinations

Top reviews


I was planning to buy Mr’s May’s Almonds and Cashews but they were out of stock at amazon so I decided to buy Sahale’s Sing Buri and Soledad. Did not like the taste of either of them. Highly Disappointed. Will wait for Mr’s May’s to be back in stock.
StevieEast Woodstock, CT

Sahale Valdosta Blend

If you like it hot, this is te snack for you. It has great content but it was too peppery for me.
CharlieHolcomb, IL

this is one nasty product

I ordered some of these and some pbj sahale snacks. The PBJ is great! This product though it honestly tastes like vomit or something of similar taste enjoy if you like that taste!
JoannieBrunswick, NE

A Terrible Thing to Do to an Innocent Cashew

I tried these after enjoying the Valdosta and Ksar blends (which, I realize, are not glazed) – but to me, the combination of vanilla and cashews renders them both bland. Also, the pomegranate is a little thin on the ground.
AubreyCreole, LA

Other flavors are good, but not Barbeque!

I bought 3 different flavors as I’m gluten free and they seemed safe. The PB & J was the best although it’s kind of expensive when you are getting mostly peanuts but tasted pretty darned good. The Almonds w/Cranberries is pretty good too! The Barbeque I didn’t like AT ALL, they taste strictly like Chipotle, you cannot taste any Ranch, or Barbeque taste.
MoonVader, WA

Strange texture and taste

I bought these several days ago from our local supermarket and was very disappointed. The nuts were chewy and slightly this normal and yes they were months from expiration. Yuck at the softness, however. Then there was a strange texture of hard, little bumps on this softened nut..another yuck. The taste of the flavors blended wasn’t my thing either..all wrong in my opinion. I gave it a two because it was edible but will never repurchase.
AdriaHitchins, KY

Not for me

I really like several of the Sahale products, my favorite being the Valdosta blend (almond/cranberries). This one, however, is not going to be one I’ll buy again. Given all the five-star reviews, I was expecting these to taste MUCH better than they do. While not too sweet, the strong vanilla flavor overwhelms the flavor of the cashews, pomegranate, and apple. I love vanilla, but there’s just too much in the blend for me. I bought the pack of six and wish I had bought one pack to try, instead.
AaronPortland, OR

Not bad

I bought 3 different flavors as I’m gluten free and they seemed safe. The PB & J was the best although it’s kind of expensive when you are getting mostly peanuts but tasted pretty darned good. The Almons w/Cranberries is pretty good too! The Barbecue I didn’t like AT ALL, they taste strictly like Chipotle, you cannot taste any Ranch, or Barbecue taste.
QuintinDivernon, IL

Overloaded with sesame seeds and too chewy!

The overload of sesame seeds ruined the taste for me. The nuts were chewy instead of crispy and it was mostly nuts, not many cranberries. Thankfully it wasn’t too sweet but the texture with the sesame seeds and “chewy” nuts ruined it for me. They may have been stale but the lack of a expiration date made that unclear so I trust Amazon wouldn’t send me expired goods although they have before.
RegeniaThrockmorton, TX


Sorry, but I really thought these were awful. My husband didn’t like them either and he’s really into natural foods. It wasn’t the spice & sweet mixture that we didn’t like – it just didn’t taste good at all. One bag we got was very stale but the others seemed fine. I ended up selling them on ebay!
EfrenSergeantsville, NJ


I was planning to buy Mr’s May’s Almonds and Cashews but they were out of stock at amazon so I decided to buy Sahale’s Sing Buri and Soledad. Did not like the taste of either of them. Highly Disappointed. Will wait for Mr’s May’s to be back in stock.
AntonioGasconade, MO

Disgusting taste

I got this product as part of a six-flavor package. It turned out to be the only Sahale product that I have tried that is bad. Worse than bad. Terrible. Disgusting. How did this stuff get past the corpoate taste tests? It is even worse than Emerald brand dry roasted almonds, which are awful because of the garlic and onion added. I love plain salted roasted almonds, and thought Sahale could find a way to make them even better tasting. Not this time.
SharleenAlma, CO

This is grand, really really grand!

I first tried this nut and spice delight at Costco……..I had some of the samples that were offered that day and I choose to purchase the Sing Buri. My goodness this is good!! The flavors are just right. You know how a really good (Asian or French) sauce holds together and has a progression of flavors? I found that this happens with the nuts and chili and lemongrass.

Really, this is a gorgeous snack and healthy too!

Now that Amazon is offering this company’s products, I ordered 2. And with the nice 10 bucks off, this is a very nice bargain!

Depending on your palate (some folks are happy with Planters nuts you know), I think you will be delighted with this choice!


AprilAmanda Park, WA

This snack blend is the best!

Sahale Snacks, Valdosta Blend, 5-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 6)

Truly an excellent snack! The flavor is amazing. I have become a big fan of this product, and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to add a little excitement to their everyday snacks.

MagalyHeavener, OK

Fabulous snack food & salad topper

I first picked up a bag of this tasty treat at TARGET but when I went back to purchase more, they had discontinued them. I loved them so much, I searched the internet and found them on Amazon. Now I have a standing order – a case every four months – well -that’s only six bags but they don’t last very long at our house. The slightly sweet- slightly peppery glaze makes this a fabulous topper for a fall salad too. I keep a bag in in my tennis bag for a mid game energy boast……try em – you’ll love em!
RichardNew Salisbury, IN

Sahale Pecans

Delicious … one bite led to another! Package arrived on time and well wrapped…very impressed with Amazon’s delivery.
AnaAmeagle, WV

Sahale Snacks Valdosta Blend

Quite yummy, not overly sweet, yet satisfies that desire for a sweet treat (thank you, cranberries!). I used this product to help break a longtime candy/sugar habit. Pecans. Dried cranberries. Black pepper. Mmmm.
VilmaWillernie, MN

yummy snacks

the sahale snacks are fantastic.
delicious alone or add them to a salad. priced right.
when you finish one bag, you can’t wait to open another
ShoshanaGenoa, NY


I originally found this at our local WholeFoods but the supply runs out quickly. I was very happy to find it at Amazon. All the varieties are delicious but this is my favorite. Crunchy, slighly sweet with a touch of salt and heat and hint of tartness or bite. If you love nuts you will love these.
NitaBoyes, MT

Superb — only the pecans are better

This product, with spicy almonds / sesame seeds / dried apple chunks, is only slightly less delicious and interesting than the “Valdosta” pecan / cranberry snacks by Sahale. These two snacks had none of the stale and rancid flavor of Sahale’s “Dauphine” (walnut) and “Soccorro” (Macadamia/hazelnut) snacks that came in the same shipment. “Dauphine” and “Soccorro” tasted much fresher when bought in a local store.
IdellaSavoonga, AK

best wholesome snack

WOW!!! Without a doubt the best pecan snack on the market. Superb sprinkled on tossed salad, or just out of the bag.
WendieWaldron, IN

Sahale Snacks

This is one of the most delicious snacks we have ever eaten. I will order them again for sure. The transaction went smooth and no problems with the delivery.
DorettaCaroga Lake, NY

sahale snacks

Super! One of the best and most unusual nut snacks we have tried. Bit on the spicy side.
EliseReedsport, OR

Soooo Good!

I am addicted to this stuff! It’s excellent by itself, but even better on a salad with a balsamic vinaigrette and some bleu cheese. Can’t be beat!
LesleyHondo, NM

Highly Recommended

The mix of ingredients sounded intriguing so I tried them. They are addictingly delicious and healthy snacks. Don’t be afraid to try these or any of the Sahale Nut snacks. They’re all delicious. Sahale Snacks, Variety Pack of 6 Flavors, 5-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 6)
MarleenJacksonville, VT

Truly an excellent snack!

This snack blend is the best! I tried it on the recommendation of a friend, and have come to love it. It’s perfect alone, but I enjoy putting the mix on salads. It definitely spices them up a bit, and the flavor is amazing. I have become a big fan of this product, and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to add a little excitement to their everyday snacks.
DewittEtoile, TX

Indulge Your Tastebuds

About a month ago, I noticed a new product at my local QFC. It was on sale and I actually did a double take and returned to check out the display. It was filled with bags of fancy nut mixes by Sahale Snacks. I had been trying to wean myself off sweets by substituting nuts and other trail mixes for candy whenever I got the munchies. Sahale snack mixes looked like the fancy, upscale “town mouse” to my regular, boring “country mouse” trail mixes.

The one that caught my eye was Sing Buri with cashew, pineapple, peanut, lemongrass and Chinese chili. The ingredients definitely made my mouth water, but the picture on the front is what sold me: a heaping bowl of delicious sweet and savory looking cashews and dried pineapple. The bag was pretty expensive at $5.99 on sale for 5 ounces, but I was definitely hooked at that point and decided to give it a try. I didn’t even wait to get home, but opened up the bag in the car and started snacking right away. It was amazing!

The more I looked into Sahale Snacks, the more I liked. On the website, the story is told of the two founders hiking up Mt. Rainier in Washington State, dreaming of something beyond the regular peanut/raisin/m&m combo that was their trail mix. What resulted was a snack mix that was indulgent and healthy.

These snack blends are a little pricy, but in my opinion, totally worth it. This would be a wonderful nut mix to offer to friends and guests when entertaining. This is a high brow snack that you or your guests will love.

GeorgianaAkron, IN

Love this flavor!

I bought the variety pack and tried this flavor third (see my reviews for Socorro and Soledad). I buy natural snacks for my kids (freeze dried fruit etc with no added sugar), but I find them bland. So I ordered these and I love this flavor. In fact my 4 year old wanted to try and she liked it – it wasn’t too spicy for her. They use black pepper which is flavorful, but I wouldn’t call it spicy. The nuts are big and crunchy and the fruit is small and chewy. There is about equal of both nuts and fruit. Valdosta has 7 grams of sugar in a 1/4 cup serving.
VioletteRyderwood, WA

unusual but delicious blend

Ever since I have tried this productI eat some everyday!! It is the perfect blend of savory, tangy, sweet, and a touch spicy. I know that sounds like a weird combo, but its sooo good, addicting even. I initially bought this prouct at a local natural and whole foods store, but amazon .com has the lowest price I’ve seen anywhere and u cant beat free shipping!! It’s so conveniant. I have ordered this product from amazon several times and I must mention one order contained multiple expired items that were definitely stale tasting, so I let customer service know and they immediately responded and very pleasantly resolved the matter to my satisfaction. I do suggest the multiple 12 2 oz multiple pack only because this blend is so yummy portion control is helpful!!!
RosieMarshall, CA

Addictive? Yes!

Be warned – if you like these, then you are setting yourself up for many re-orders! I personally love the marriage of vanilla and cashews, and while I wasn’t sure about the pomegranate – it helps to create a unique blend of flavors. They have become my go-to munchie and the only complaint I have is the relatively high cost. Most stores have them for around $5/bag, but ordering this package saves you $1 per bag overall. Go ahead and treat yourself – they are a great alternative to the usual cookie, cake, etc. type of snacks.
LauraleeDover, DE