Salado Enmielado con Chile – Saladulces HOLA Lobito – Strawberry Flavored Salted Plums – 3.5 oz – 3 units

Saladitos Strawberry Flavored Salted Plums by HOLA Saladulces Lobito Mexican Candy. Saladitos Salados Enmielados con Chile – Saladulces HOLA Lobito Saladitos de Ciruela con Sal Sabor Fresa marca HOLA Lobito, importados de Mexico.

Quick facts

  • saladitos
  • salted plums
  • salado enmielado
  • salted plums with honey

Top reviews

Will order again!

Its the second time I have ordered these and very happy with the purchase, as soon as I order them I get them like in two or three days 🙂
ThaddeusHancock, MD