Salt Water Taffy – Assorted

Salt water taffy assorted – ohhh so good. Stretchy and chewy taffy with all kinds of flavors. If you love salt water taffy than you will sure love this assortment of tasty taffys.

Quick facts

  • Soft chewy and delicious
  • Fresh
  • Many assorted flavors

Top reviews

Great taffy

Great taffy at a great price. There was a wide assortment of yummy taffy. Delivery was very quick. If your a taffy lover, this is a deal.
ShizuePolk, NE

Nice Taffy

I got a wild hair for taffy and ordered this five pound bag. The taffy was all very enjoyable with many flavors: watermelon, root beer, melon, peppermint, grape, etc. My only complaint is there was a bit too much red/black licorice-flavored pieces (just not my particular favorites). Between me, my kids, and my husband, this lasted only two weeks! I would recommend this brand of taffy — it was a delightful treat.
RamiroMount Hermon, LA

Great! Just as good as the expensive brands!

This saltwater taffy had great flavors and was very soft and chewy. Each candy was individually wrapped well. None of the candies were stuck together, which did happen in the expensive version, Fralinger’s. Would highly recommend this candy! I served it at a beach-themed party and everyone loved it!
KristoferCrumpler, WV

Wonderful, tasty taffy

This taffy is so good. It is very soft and chewy. The flavors are amazing. I would definitely recommend you buying it. Very satisfying!!
KelseyAllen, SD