Sam Mills Gluten Free Pasta D’Oro, Lasagne Corte, 16-Ounce Bags

The products are designed to cook to an al dente firmness. We expect to see this brand grow very quickly. Sam Mills 100% Corn Gluten Free Pasta is delicious. The spaghetti is our first long cut and it’s hard to tell the difference from reg pasta. Sam Mills’s pasta is made from corn and this may account for the remarkably low prices. Below we have listed the best prices around on this date for Sam Mills’s gluten free pasta.

Quick facts

  • 100% corn gluten free pasta
  • Remarkably low prices
  • Hard to differ spaghetti from pasta
  • Delicious dish for all age groups

Top reviews

Best Gluten Free Pasta

My daughter and I both have Celiac Disease. Our entire household is gluten free. Sillys and non sillys all eat the same. We all really enjoy this pasta. We don’t think it has a corny (sorry about the pun) flavor at all. It holds up really well and reheats pretty well too. As with all gluten free pastas you are better off not boiling this pasta. I bring the water to a boil and drop in the pasta, cover the pot and bring back to a boil. Turn off the heat and let the pasta sit about 8-10 minutes stirring every couple of minutes. Then I drain and toss with butter. Perfect every time. I would look in your local heathfood store for a bag or two to be sure you like it just as much as we do, before you buy 12 bags.
MalenaWilton, WI

Nice Gluten Free Option

This is good pasta, not my favorite but nice, and defintely friendly to the GF pocketbook. Cooks fairly evenly but it has a distinct corn taste. This works nicely in many recipes, not so well in others. Like the unusual shape and the fact that it is non-GMO.
EthylGap, PA

fun GFCF meal

We love using these mini lasagnes, its really quick just piling up layers of them with pasta sauce, ground turkey meat, and baking with monchego (or tofutti slices for my GFCF kid) to make a great kid-friendly lasagne, it tastes great, and it’s a different style of pasta than the usual ones we always eat ! If I’m not baking the pasta I usually add a bit of spice, salt ,sweetener, oil, lemon. etc to the water when I’m boiling, because they are rather bland straight out of the pot like that.
ChristoperOlney, MD

Great taste, great price

I wasn’t too sure about trying this product because the price seemed too good to be true-gluten free products are usually so much more expensive. What a pleasant surprise! We really liked it, we really liked it! Seriously, this product is worth a try. I used it for a base for lasagne and for a change from the regular spaghetti noodles. Delicious!
LaureNew Hill, NC

This is the best GF pasta out there!

My daughter and I have both gluten intolerance. This pasta is the only one I can serve for the whole family and no one notices the difference! I even serve it to my son’s friends and they love this pasta!
It does not have a corn flavor, the texture is very similar to what I remember about wheat pasta, it cooks al dente and holds the shape much better than other corn pasta brands.
Definitely a good buy!
HangNewcomerstown, OH

The best Gluten free noodle out there!!

We LOVE these corn noodles!! When we found out that my husband and son had a gluten intolerance, the noodles were the first thing that we needed to find an alternative for. We couldn’t stand the rice noodles. They were so mushy. These corn noodles are the closest to wheat noodles as far as texture and taste. We love them!
NickieParade, SD

Easy to make non messy.

I bought these for my son who is sensitive to gluten . He completed loved it.It is easy to make (doesnt take looong time to get cooked soft).
I am satisfied.
would i be ordering again ,definitely yes.
CarmineSwatara, MN

gluten free pasta

Sam Mills Gluten Free Pasta is by far the best gluten free pasta we have tried. It is available in several different shapes. The Lasagne Corte works well to replace regular wide noodles in any recipe. I have given some to several friends who have celiac disease and they are as excited about this product as I am. Try it–YOU WILL LIKE IT!!!
VanReisterstown, MD

a LOT cheaper than tinkyada!

We love it. I use it for all kinds of pasta dishes, as well as pasta salads cold and warm. It’s even still good the next day unlike some gluten free pastas. I did find that I had to cook it almost twice as long as the instructions said. They say 6-7 minutes, and I have to cook them about 14 minutes. If you like crunchy bits in your pasta, then go with the 7 minutes! The best part is the price! It’s comparable to regular pasta! and I have found that Costco is now selling this pasta!!
JazmineEagle Butte, SD

Best of Sam Mills pasta shapes

We’ve tried almost all of Sam Mills corn pasta, and this shape holds up the best in cooking, casseroles, stirfries, etc. Some of the others tend to self-destruct during and/or after cooking. This one is the best.
TericaCassville, NY


boil the water, add a TBSP of oil to the water, drop your package of Sam Mills Lasagna Corte in the boiling water, stir and it takes about 11 minutes to boil out the chewiness out of the pasta. My suggestion is to taste the pasta after 9 minutes to check on the degree of chewiness.
I have prepared a total of 2 packages now. I stir the pasta more often than wheat pasta, because of the reviews warning about the pasta sticking together. However, I have not seen any tendency for this corn pasta to stick together. My entire family loves the pasta and the price is right. I have subscribed to the automatic 6-monthly delivery which deducted 15% off the price. Taste and texture like ordinary wheat pasta!
FYI, this pasta is imported from Romania.
BethelRudolph, OH

Pasta d’oro

This is an excellent product at a really good price. It is called Lasagna but it works as an egg noodle. I bought more Past d’oro products after I tried this and yes I’m Italian so Pasta is important.
KamiRoachdale, IN

Great noodles

These are great noodles. I have used them in pasta salad and chicken soup. They are more like real noodles than any other gluten free noodles I have tried.
ZacheryDelaware, AR

good substitute

this product tastes the most like ordinary pasta then any I have tried after the gluten intolerance was diagnosed.
CharlsieCamargo, IL


This pasta is great. I think it tastes better than the rice pastas I’ve had. It cooks faster than the rice pastas as well.
JeanettHyannis, NE


Before I bought a 12 pack box of this pasta I had found it in my local grocery’s gluten-free section. I used it to make a Paleo-friendly pasta salad and found it to cook up perfectly. It was al dente, held its shape perfectly and tasted wonderful. There IS a faint corn taste to it, but if that’s that is the worst thing a gluten-free pasta has to offer, I’m in. The family actually couldn’t tell the difference between semolina pasta and the Sam Mills – I only knew because I made it. I will be buying the 12 pack posthaste! Worth every cent, in my opinion.
SulemaDiamondville, WY

First Try Is A Winner!

This was a first for my family. I bought it at a local PA Dutch store on a whim. Didn’t really expect to try it, but tonight my daughter asked me to make chicken alfredo and I was all out of our regular pasta. None of us have any wheat issues. I read the back of the bag, followed the directions and went about making my sauce and chicken. I was a bit worried at first just because I am the world’s pickiest eater. (Yes, my kids eat better than I do.) Served it up, and the kiddos devoured it. They didn’t notice a thing. I tried it, and I was super impressed. If it can be eaten by me, then anybody will like it. lol I am excited to buy it again.
LelandBolivar, PA

A viable alternative to traditional pasta

I recently paired the lasagna corte with a braised pork and tomato sauce at a tasting dinner for a major California winery. Forty people were at the event and the praise for the dish was universal. The texture of the product is slightly grainier than traditional pasta, but nowhere near as gritty as whole wheat pasta, which I cannot stand.

The corn flavor is subtle, but not intrusive and if you’re looking to remove wheat from your diet this is a good place to start.

TiffinyThaxton, MS

Lasagna Corte

These are my favorite Sams Mills. They are made in Romania. They are great for casseroles, salads, lasagna and just with sauce (sometimes I just use 2 cans of Progresso soup per pound) and leftovers didn’t become hard overnight. I guess I like corn pasta better than rice pasta. This was when amazon was selling the pasta itself.
IlonaMountain View, WY

So far so good!

I made my first dish with this tonight! It held together during cooking AND with subsequent baking in the casserole! So far it’s a winner! BTW – the recipe was adapted from the Pioneer Woman’s blog 🙂
GilbertUrbana, AR