Sam Mills Pasta D’Oro Gluten Free Cornetti Rigati, 1-Pound

Sam mills gluten free flour is 100% natural and delicious. The health benefits are numerous (gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free, cholesterol-free and low in fat) while delivering a taste and texture that you and your family will enjoy. It is quick to cook, and maintains its texture under different conditions.

Quick facts

  • Pack of ten, 16-ounce bags (total of 160 ounces)
  • Made from 100% GMO Free Corn
  • Gluten Free; Cholesterol Free; Kosher; Soy Free; Low Fat
  • Quick Cooking; Not Instant but cooks in half the time
  • Cleanest label in the industry, measuring UNDER 5 PARTS PER MILLION FOR TRACES OF GLUTEN

Top reviews

not bad, but doesn’t cook evenly

I really like the fusilli version of this brand, so I bought these to use in my mac & cheese recipe. However, these don’t cook very evenly. I’ve learned that even though the instructions say 10 minutes and don’t over cook, it’s necessary to cook them for 12+ minutes. They taste fine, but I’ve had issues with them being hard. They do re-heat OK, but I bought another brand at the grocery store that I like better. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be available on Amazon.
ArianaKirkland, AZ

Good Pasta but takes a while to cook about 12+ minutes

Ahh the backpackers Corn Pasta, hard to find actually, and this is GMO free! I like it, very tasty, and like the effect. It smells like polenta when you are cooking it. It does take about 12+ minutes to cook! I wish they made a thin version that cooked in 5 minutes like macaroni and cheese.
HoseaHamilton, PA