Sam Mills Pasta D’Oro Gluten Free Tubetti Rigati, 1-Pound Bags

Sam Mills spaghetti is a 100% natural and great tasting Gluten Free Pasta packaged in a 1-pound eye appealing upright cello bag.

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Great quality and price

I have purchased several Sam Mills corn pasta items, and they are excellent. They are every bit as good as the ones that cost 2 to 4 times as much.
SandyWest Sand Lake, NY

the best

this is the best brand of gluten-free pasta i’ve had. it’s hard to detect the difference between this and regular pasta. i’ve made it with light, veggie-based dishes and it is still delicious. i’ve paid up to $6.00 for 1 lb so buying here is a huge bargain and well worth ordering in bulk. manga!
JeanieAlexander, IA