Sans Sucre Cinnamon Sugar Substitute

Sugar-free sugar substitute can be used on foods and in beverages just like regular cinnamon sugar.

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Cinnamon with Splenda

This is a very good product. It keeps you from having to try to mix your own cinnamon and sweetener. It’s good for a lot of things for those who can’t have sugar. My favorite is cinnamon toast. I will reorder it when I am out of it. It’s so nice to have something with Splenda instead of aspartame.
OthaEtta, MS

Great product!

This product is great! I love cinnamon sugar on my toast and bagels, but not all the calories. I didn’t want to just mix splenda and cinnamon together on my own since I didn’t know what ratio to use. I will definitely order this again when the 3 I bought are almost gone.
EulaliaTwining, MI

A great smart addition to certain foods

Glad I got this stuff. Nothing bad for you, and you can use it creatively to spice up, or sweeten up many different foods. Tastes almost like the real thing.
LekishaMaspeth, NY


After a Bariatric Surgery, I can’t take pills whole. I must crush them and mix them with the sugar-free apple sauce. As you can imagine, it’s so bitter that you just want to die. However, if you add this FANTASTIC product, you won’t taste the bitterness of the medications. And it’s sugar free! It doesn’t taste sugar free. It tastes just wonderful.

I tried mixing my own xylitol (sugar alcohol) with cinnamon – it doesn’t come out that well. But this product – it is JUST GREAT! There is no aftertaste whatsoever!

I highly recommend it.

WinfredShaftsburg, MI

Sugar-free Cinnamon Topping

Diabetics know the health benefits of cinnamon. This delicious product allows us to enjoy cinnamon without dangerous sugar.
AngeliaReedsville, PA

ok of a product

You have the taste of cinnamon,,but you have to use a lot,,you will go through the product fast,,not worth the money,,use regular cinnamon
TaneshaCrescent, OK