Sans Sucre Mousse Mix Gluten Free, Strawberry

Mousse Mixes that are smooth, rich, creamy and sugar-free!

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yummie ..!!!! and makes great gifts for friends who are afraid of eating really good deserts…

put them in a pie shell…or in a fancy cup….all flavors, are wonderul…

i am a true lover of mousse….

p/c fla

IsaiahBooker, TX


This mouse mix is great for everyday desert; or for company, dress it up with the addition of fresh strawberries. The citrus versions of the mix are easily made exotic by the addition of lemon or lime zest.
KarmaUnion, WV


This is an excellent product. It tastes like the mousse products you get in Europe, but are hard to find in the USA. Best of all, it contains no sugar. It has an amazingly good taste considering that it lacks sugar. Even tastes good when made with skim milk. It is also very easy to make. I also recommend the lemon flavor of this product. However, the key lime flavor had a bit of an artificial taste to it.
CicelyCenter, MO

Great dessert

This is one of my favorites. So light and refreshing. Want to add a special touch, create a parfait: mousse, strawberries, fat free cool whip, mousse, strawberries and fat free cool whip.
HuldaBartow, FL


I’ve basically been living on this since I started having trouble with my wisdom teeth (and after I finally had them extracted last week). It’s filling, it’s not too sweet (which was a problem before the teeth came out because one was very sensitive to sweets), and it’s easy to make. My mother also eats a lot of this, she had cancer of the tongue two years ago and after undergoing radiation has had a lot of problems eating many foods. This is something that’s very easy for her to swallow and helps soothe some of the pain she gets occasionally. I also enjoyed the cheesecake flavor – we experimented with this for a birthday cake and used it in lieu of frosting. It had a great texture for that. Whether you’re serving it as a dessert or you’re on a limited diet where you can only eat soft foods, this is a great choice.
IrisSwanzey, NH