Sanskriti Malai Kofta, 10.6-Ounce

From Sanskriti, a culture of enduring taste. Cottage Cheese dumplings stuffed with raisins & potatoes cooked in puree of cashew and cream. A Feast to Remember.

Quick facts

  • Made from fresh quality ingredients
  • 100 percent natural
  • No preservatives
  • Ready to eat feast, open, heat & serve

Top reviews


So happy to finally see this brand on Amazon! I am obsessed with the Malai Kofta. It’s so easy to prepare, and it feels like I went out to a fancy Indian restaurant.
KaciShorter, AL

unlike others

i generally bring this dish out when i have guests over for dinner. rich classy dish. i like sanskriti’s take on this as their packs don’t skimp out of the size of the kofta… large, soft and super tasty. unlike other brands, the flavors work together well.
ShereeBethany, KY

Awesome Taste and Very Easy to Make

I have tried this brand before in Europe, great taste and very fast prep. Great to see it on, I like the Kofta (dumplings) but have really come to like the veg. biryani.

What I think I like best is the taste, fast prep while being gluten free.

BessieDeweyville, TX

Very Tasty

I bought this product due to my obsession with Malai Kofta, and also the high reviews. I was not disappointed. There is great flavor in the product and it filled me up for dinner. The potato dumpling/balls were a little hard but I had boiled the pouch, so maybe next time I will pour the whole packet out and heat it up that way. Highly recommended, it is the next best thing when you are too lazy to head to the Indian restaurant 20 miles away!
RandallEvanston, IN

All Went Well Except with the Balls

The package states that the dumplings consisted of cottage cheese stuffed with potatoes and raisins. Hmmm, didn’t quite get that experience with the first or any packet I opened. The “dumplings” were more like neglected corn meal mystery balls stuffed with poor resemblances of rehydrated potatoes and/or raisins. Physically hard and offensive to attempt eating, let alone digesting.

I’ve have Malai Kofta at multiple Indian restaurants before, all of which, I’ve fallen in love with, so herein lies a true disconnect with this manufacturer’s rendition of Malai Kofta.

The flavor of the sauce is commendable for a pre-cooked and mailed food product, but all else with this product falls short of pleasing.

Hope this helps with your decision making.

DeonAldrich, MN