Sanskriti Paneer Butter Masala, 10.6-Ounce

From Sanskriti, a culture of enduring taste. Soft cubes of cottage cheese cooked in cahsew and butter gravy. A Feast to Remember.

Quick facts

  • Made from fresh quality ingredients
  • 100 percent natural
  • No preservatives
  • Ready to eat feast, open, heat & serve
  • Vegan and Kosher

Top reviews


My favorite!!! just pop it in the microwave and your good to go…..

The gravy is amazing….its like a party in my mouth

OnitaHodgen, OK


Life is better now that I have this delightful, easy meal in my pantry at work to heat up for lunch. It’s authentic, delicious, full of comforting flavor. Thanks Sanskriti!
ShylaSorento, IL


over the years, this has grown into our after party food.
you can really taste the richness of the cashew in the curry. the paneer, just like other sanskriti product, is the best we have tried so far.
MadaleneStafford, NY

date expiration?

Nomally when i have bought pre-packaged indian food, it typically has a life expectancy of at least 6 months or longer. Just received package. Have not tried it yet but, the expiration date is sept 2012. So i have 6 weeks to eat all of these? that’s pretty terrible since I thought that if i purchased something off of amazon, it would not have an expiration date so soon…:(. Because of this, even if this is tasty, I won’t buy it again. I would rather buy something that will have a longer life expectancy (like if I bought it straight from the store…)
MargeHanover, PA

Excellent Paneer Cubes in mild creamy sauce

Rich sauce, mild flavor with only a hint of heat, but plenty of dimension thanks to a well rounded combination of gentle spices, and lovely large chunks of paneer. Several other brands offer Paneer Butter Masala/Paneer Makahani in convenient foil pouches, but of the ones we’ve tried Sanskriti has the best paneer. Other brands have squishy little bits of paneer so soft they disintegrate when the dish is heated. The cubes in Sanskriti are firm, large and much more like what you’d find in restaurant or even home cuisine, where the paneer is baked before cutting into cubes to ensure structural integrity. There is also more cream and cashew butter in the sauce as compared to other brands, so if you prefer a tangy tomato flavor, this is not for you – it’s creamy all the way, while the tomato is just a well-subdued accent.
I’d give the sauce five stars, but my husband says he finds it too mild, and would give it four. It is certainly NOT medium as indicated by the colorful chile pepper scale on the front of the box. Any way you look at it, a great fast meal, reasonably priced, and with excellent creamy comfort-food satisfaction.
EileneRegina, NM